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2nd Annual INSIDE GSSM Draws Record Attendance

March 7, 2018

The Governor’s School for Science & Mathematics (GSSM) hosted its second annual interactive INSIDE GSSM day on Saturday, February 24, 2018, at the School’s Hartsville campus. More than 450 people from across Darlington County and other parts of the state attended and interacted with GSSM students, faculty, and staff.

Children building at InsideGSSMINSIDE GSSM was created to showcase the amazing facets and diversity of the GSSM learning community and provide younger students and their families with the opportunity to experience GSSM.

Imagine the possibilities photo display“We are a selective school that nurtures, encourages, and expects excellence. We are also part of a community, starting with our home City of Hartsville, our home county of Darlington, and the entire state we serve,” said Dr. Hector Flores, President of GSSM.  “This open house is a tradition that will enable children from around the state to get a taste of GSSM and imagine being a part of GSSM summer camps, residential, and virtual programs.”

Physics circusGeared toward elementary and middle school students, INSIDE GSSM gave students a chance to dive into more than 20 interactive experiences developed by GSSM instructors, students, and staff. Those attending were also treated to musical performances, a Physics Circus, and a Kendo demonstration in the GSSM gymnasium as well as many interactive exhibits that showcase life at GSSM and the GSSM learning experience. The centerpiece of the gym exhibits was the GSSM Thinking Machine, a Rube Goldberg-inspired interactive machine that works through a chain reaction of events started by one simple motion.

“So many awesome educational experiences and learning opportunities permeate the halls, classrooms, and meeting spaces at GSSM every day. There is a culture of excellence at GSSM where exploration, discovery, and learning are encouraged and celebrated. We want to share this with others. INSIDE GSSM is an opportunity for young students and their families to engage with the GSSM community,” said Randy La Cross, Vice President for Outreach & Research at GSSM. “Families from the City of Hartsville, Darlington County, and the state experienced a taste of GSSM as they participated in activities like Geometry Shapes, 3-D Printing, Shakespeare Workshop, Makey Makey, Acids in My Body, Lessons of Star Trek, and much more. INSIDE GSSM was a day of imagination, inspiration, and innovation for everyone who attended.”

Pictured above: Students in science class.

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