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7th Grader Wins GSSM Chess Open

November 20, 2018

Two visitors from Columbia shone brightest as eighteen players fiercely contested the five-round GSSM October Open on October 27, 2018, in Hartsville. Eli Moore and Jordan Anderson shared first place at 4.5, battling to a nailbiter draw in their fourth round meeting. Their match came down to a rook and pawn endgame that wound up drawn! On tiebreakers, Eli took the first place trophy. Other trophy winners were GSSM senior Travis Pence of Fort Mill for Biggest Upset, earned at the expense of Myrtle Beach’s Cecil Clarkson (a 395-point difference), and GSSM junior Theo Pedapolu of Orangeburg for First Unrated. Travis and Theo were among the six players finishing tied for third with 3.0. The other four were GSSM senior Brian Torreon and three GSSM alums, now USC students: Brennan Ravan, Victor Ruan, and Jeffrey Russell. (Had there been a third-place trophy, Travis would have won it on tiebreaks.) Jordan, GSSM c/o 2008, was Chief TD, and Brennan Assistant TD.

The GSSM chess team is coached by GSSM physics instructor Dr. Clyde Smith.

Click here for the crosstable.

Pictured above: Dr. Smith presents Eli Moore with the 1st Place trophy.

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