Accelerate and GSSM Residential Updates 10/10

October 10, 2016


Power has been restored to campus, and all safety and comfort systems are working well.

We are eager to welcome students back to campus tomorrow (Wednesday) starting at noon. Students should be checked in by 7pm. If students are unable to safely arrive by Wednesday at 7pm, please call the duty phone (843 858-1603) and let us know your plans.

Some traffic signals remain inoperative and many roads are still blocked, so please plan your route carefully. The website lists many close roads across the state.

Classes will resume Thursday morning using a Wednesday class and labs schedule. Teachers will work with students who are not yet able to safely return to campus.

Travel safely!


Dear Accelerate Family,

I hope this message finds you well. We understand that many of our storm-impacted partner school districts are returning to class.

Accelerate will be restarting classes over the next two days. Most of the Accelerate instructors will resume lectures on Tuesday, October 11 with all courses resuming no later than Wednesday. Students have been advised to watch their CANVAS accounts and email for information on individual classes.

If you, or your school, have circumstances where you will be unable to attend live classes, you have two options:

  1. Students may watch the live webcast of the classes if they have an internet connection.
  2. They may view the archived lectures whenever they can do so.

Please let your instructors know if any students will not be able to attend school or watch lectures for an extended period of time. We will work with them and you as needed.

As we begin to resume our normal activities, Accelerate and GSSM would like to thank our students, parents, and partners for your patience as we, and many of our friends and families, have literally weathered the storm. We would ask that you keep those who may have been effected by Matthew in your thoughts and prayers. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact us at


Dear GSSM Families,

We are well here in Hartsville, but reports from Duke Power about power restoration to the campus indicate that we will not be able to resume classes until Thursday at the earliest.

Therefore, we ask that, if at all possible, you keep your student with you and that you not make plans to return to campus until we communicate that power is restored.

Campus conditions are rather primitive at the moment. We have wifi in limited areas, but no electricity in rooms, no hot water, and no air conditioning. Downed power lines and debris are still common in the area, so students who return before power is restored are restricted to campus.

If you must return your student, please call Tim Staples ( 858-1603).

If power is restored and we are able to resume classes on Thursday, we will make an announcement via email, Facebook, SMS text, and voice calls through our emergency alert system. In any event, we will send another update no later than 5pm Tuesday.

Please assure your student that we will make arrangements to minimize the stress they may be feeling about missed classes, upcoming tests, overdue projects, etc. We understand that this is an extraordinary situation and that accommodations will be necessary. We will work those out when we are all back together.

Please continue to stay safe and keep those struggling with recovery efforts in your thoughts. We appreciate also the patience of those in the upstate and other unaffected areas as we work diligently to restart school.


Like you, we have been following the path of Hurricane Matthew as it makes its way towards South Carolina. Reports from Haiti, Cuba, the Bahamas, and now Florida assure us that this is a very dangerous storm. Our thoughts and prayers are with those recovering from Matthew’s passing and those who are yet in the storm’s path.

A large number of GSSM families live along the coast. Many will have evacuated, and all face a worrisome time over the next couple of days. Our thoughts and prayers are with these families also.

In light of the displacement of evacuated families, the possibility of storm damage along the coast and adjacent inland areas, and potential traffic issues as evacuees return to their homes, Monday’s classes are cancelled.

Residence halls will re-open on Sunday at 2pm as they normally would so that families otherwise unaffected by Matthew will not have to miss work to transport their student. Students arriving Sunday should check in by 7pm.

Dr. Hector Flores


Due to the potential hazardous weather conditions and the fact that Governor Haley has closed schools along the coast including Darlington County starting tomorrow and called for an evacuation starting at 3pm on Wednesday with lane closures, we will cancel classes tomorrow and Thursday. This cancellation means that students can follow sign-out procedures starting now, 4:45pm on Tuesday, October 4th.
Your safety is always paramount so if arrangements can not be made to leave today, then you should make arrangements to leave no later than 3pm tomorrow, Wednesday. If that departure time does not work for safety reasons, please have your family contact the RLC duty phone.
We hope to resume school as normal on Monday with students returning as normal on Sunday.


Due to the state of emergency and mandatory evacuation, Accelerate is cancelling all classes beginning Wednesday, October 5th, through Friday, October 7th.

Instructors will be addressing individual class changes via Canvas no later than 10 a.m. Wednesday. We hope to be able to resume classes Monday, October 10th. If you are unable to attend classes once Accelerate has resumed, please let us know that you are okay and whether we can be of any assistance. If you cannot advise us of your wellbeing via Canvas or email, please leave a message on Mrs. Bateman’s phone at 843-383-3901, extension 3982.

Safety is your first priority! If your school doesn’t resume classes even though Accelerate has resumed, you may watch the webcast, if possible. Your instructor can assist you in doing this. However, if you still are unable to watch or connect, your instructors will assist you in catching up when it is safe for you to do so.

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