Cross Country Championships Results

November 10, 2014

Congratulations to the boys and girls cross country teams for having a great season!  Thank you for participating in cross country this season.

Boys Results

​Boys finished in 7th place.

Student Rank Time
Jack Collins 24th 18:21
Mehrzad Namaranian 43rd 19:00
Collin Breauning 47th 19:18
J.P. 48th 19:19
Charles Ison 62nd 20:10
Joshua Dunford 63rd 20:13

Girls Results

Girls did not have enough participants to score as a team.  The individual time and place is all we have.

Student Rank Time
Erin Scott 48th 24:22.64
Emilia Ballou 49th 24:22.71
Mariana Obando-Valez 77th 28:39
Kylie Fletcher 92nd 34:25


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