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Cross Country Teams Win Region

October 24, 2018

REGION CHAMPIONS! Congratulations to both Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics (GSSM) Boys and Girls Cross-Country teams on finishing first in the Region II-A Championship Meet at Great Falls High School on Tuesday, October 16, 2018. Next stop, State Qualifier at Sandhills!!

GSSM Boys swept the first race with a perfect score of 15. Brendan McManamon finished first in a field of 32 runners. Michael Bertram, Richard Sanvoss, Kollin Campbell, Austin Geer, Palin Kayser, John Turner, and Carter Janse all finished in the the top 10.

GSSM won the Girls race by a wide margin as well. Kaitlyn Rooman finished first in a field of 19 runners. Liza Malcolm, Aimee Ahuja, Kathryn Child, Gracie Collins, Eugenia Fulcher, Caitlin McDad, and Isabel Finnegan all finished in the top 10. 
Great day for Eagles on an especially tough course! Way to go, GSSM!

Following are Boys team scores: 
2 54 MCBEE 

Following are individual results for Governor’s School Boys runners: 
Place Name Time
1 Brendan McManamon 17:37 
2 Michael Bertram 18:50
3 Richard Sandvoss 19:11
4 Kollin Campbell 19:23 
5 Austin Geer 19:48
6 Palin Kayser 20:02
8 John Turner 20:11
10 Carter Janse 20:27
11 Juhwan Cho 20:48 
14 Frankie Hawkesworth 22:44
20 Asher Kayser 25:33
28 Justin Thomas 30:07


Following are Girls team scores: 

Following are individual results for Governor’s School Girls runners: 
Place Name Time 
1 Kaitlyn Rooman 23:26
2 Liza Malcolm 23:49 
3 Aimee Ahuja 26:19 
4 Kathryn Child 27:33 
7 Gracie Collins 29:05
8 Eugenia Fulcher 30:09
9 Caitlyn McDade 30:11
10 Isabel Finnegan 31:05

For complete results for the girls’ race, please click the following link: 

There are not enough girls or boys Class A Cross Country teams this year for a Class A state championship race. The SC High School League will combine Class A and Class AA teams into one race. The qualifier for this race will be Saturday, October 27, at Sandhills Research Park in Columbia. Boys will run at 11am, and girls will run at 11:30 am. Top 18 teams (plus any top 20 runner not on one of the top 18 teams) will advance to the State Finals on Saturday, November 3. Competing against AA teams (especially reigning AA Champion St. Joseph's) will be an Eagle-worthy challenge for GSSM Runners! Never know what might happen! #GoEagles!!

Special thanks to Nancy Campbell for contributing this article.

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