Five GSSM Juniors Advance to Second Round of Mathworks Math Modeling Challenge

March 30, 2022

Five GSSM Juniors Advance to Second Round of Mathworks Math Modeling Challenge  

Two teams from The South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics (GSSM) entered and competed in the 2022 Mathworks Math Modeling Challenge on February 25th. GSSM is proud to announce the advancement of one of its teams to the second round. This advancement makes them a candidate for a team prize of up to $20,000.   M3 Challenge

Out of the 612 teams that submitted viable solution essays, only 113 teams were selected to advance to the second round. 

The Mathworks Math Modeling Challenge is a competition held each year that challenges teams with a specific-real world problem. This year, students were given the issue of whether the shift to remote work will last. Both teams from GSSM spent 14 continuous hours analyzing data, creating a model, and drafting their results.   

If the Eagles advance to be a finalist in the competition, GSSM and nine other teams will have the opportunity to present their papers at the validation round of judging in a funded trip on April 25th in New York, New York.   

The team members that advanced to the second round are Caroline Cadena, Reina Johnson, Wanuing Kong, Tomoki Shirator, and George Simmons.  

The members of the other GSSM team that submitted a paper, but did not advance are Deen Debrosse, Briggs Murray, Omar Azim, Aidan Fleming, and Jon Ali.   

Both teams were made up of students that are currently juniors. Although only one team advanced, both groups learned and gained the experience of competing in this competition, and these skills can be taken and built on for next year’s challenge.  

Congratulations on the hard work and accomplishments of both teams.  

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