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GSSM and Roche Celebrate 10 Year Partnership

August 12, 2018

On August 9, GSSM and Roche Pharmaceuticals celebrated 10 years of partnering to bring international research experiences to accomplished students from GSSM and in Germany. Students who just returned from Germany, and several alumni who participated in previous years, gathered in Florence with GSSM leadership and representatives from Roche and the GSSM Foundation to share stories and express their appreciation for their involvement in the program. 

GSSM was delighted to welcome Franziska Muñoz, from Roche’s headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, and Pete Mazzaroni, formerly of Roche Carolina a former member of the GSSM Foundation’s board of trustees, and one of the founders of the GSSM/Roche partnership. 

Since 2008, GSSM has sent 3 students each year to Pforzheim Germany to conduct research at cancer research facilities while 3 students from Germany lived on campus and travelled to USC each day to conduct their own research. Vice President for Outreach Randy LaCross recalled the challenges of getting the program started and credits then-GSSM Foundation board member Pete Mazzaroni, an employee of Roche Carolina, for helping to get it off the ground. 

Each student told about their RESP experience and noted how it had opened doors for their future studies and career directions. Through their adventures and work, they represented themselves and GSSM well during their time in Germany. 

Mr. LaCross noted that over the years, 60 students have enjoyed transforming experiences through the program but that the larger impact on the school came from the confidence gained that encouraged the development of programs in other parts of Europe, Asia, and South America. 

As a key part of GSSM’s Strategic Plan, the development of international experiences will become available to more students in the future and the school looks forward to creating extensive partnerships with more schools and forward-looking companies like Roche. 

GSSM thanks Franziska, Pete, and Roche Pharmaceuticals for their support of RESP and looks forward to continuing to provide new generations of Govies the kinds of experiences that foster confidence and understanding of global issues.

Pictured above: Current Govies and alumni recalled transforming experiences.

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