GSSM Announces the Launch of the Elementary STEAM Bus

November 11, 2019

GSSM is pleased to announce the launch of their GSSM Elementary Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) Bus.

Through a generous donation from the Byerly Foundation, GSSM has built a mobile science lab that will serve students in grades 3rd through 5th  throughout the state of South Carolina.

“The inspirational things that we see and touch as children are a big part of who we become as adults. Those early experiences, especially the tangible ones, plant the seeds of what is possible in our young minds. The Byerly Foundation believes in the importance of these types of experiences and is proud to have played a role in this wonderful GSSM initiative,” said Bob Brown, The Byerly Foundation Board of Trustees Chair.

The STEAM bus, along with a GSSM instructor, will be traveling to elementary schools in the Hartsville and Darlington area during their pilot year. Through their visit, elementary students will be able to explore and participate in hands-on activities related to science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics, upholding the learning of the state’s science standards. Students will have the opportunity to partake in a variety of projects related to things such as engineering, chemistry, and electronics.

“It is an honor and privilege to be able to have the opportunity to bring standards-based, hands-on educational field trips to elementary students across the state at their schools through the GSSM STEAM bus. We are thrilled to be able to allow these students access and exposure to the exciting world of STEAM! The STEAM bus is not only aimed towards educating the younger generations, but it also aids teachers and schools across South Carolina to meet their curricular needs with support, content, and enthusiasm,” said Dr. Gary Gabel, GSSM Director of Elementary Programs.

The STEAM bus is designed to complement GSSM’s existing Outreach program, a program committed to reaching beyond the walls of its highly successful Residential program in Hartsville, SC, to positively impact students across the Palmetto State with innovative and challenging educational opportunities. The purpose of this initiative is to ensure that all students in South Carolina have the opportunity to participate in engaging STEAM activities at no cost to the student or to the school.

The GSSM Elementary STEAM bus is aimed to serve the entire state of South Carolina after their pilot year is complete.

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