GSSM Brings Home 16 out of 17 Awards at the South Carolina Junior Academy of Science Meeting

April 6, 2022

GSSM Brings Home 16 out of 17 Awards at the South Carolina Junior Academy of Science Meeting

Students from GSSM’s Residential & Accelerate programs traveled to USC-Aiken on April 2 for the 94th Annual SC Junior Academy of Science (SCJAS) meeting to present their summer and school-year research projects. All the attending Govies from the Residential and Accelerate programs represented GSSM exceptionally well. GSSM brought home sixteen out of seventeen of the mentored oral presentation awards (95%), despite representing 75% of the mentored presentations and papers. 

The South Carolina Junior Academy of Science Annual Workshop brings together high school teachers and over 500 students throughout the state to participate in a full day of science-focused activities. The meeting featured a plenary speaker, hands-on activities, a governor awards ceremony, and oral presentations.  

Please see the results from the event listed below. Students who presented more than one project have the award-winning presentation labeled as either "SPRI" for their summer project or with the course number for their school-year project. Listed students are Residential Class of 2022 unless otherwise indicated. 

Written Paper 

  • 1st - Mia Kim (SPRI) 
  • 2nd - Ace Kelly (SPRI) 
  • 2nd - Isabelle Hipple 
  • 3rd - Sanjeev Chauhan 
  • 3rd - Moira Fontenot (SPRI) 

Behavioral Sciences 

  • 1st - Ace Kelly (SPRI) 
  • 1st - Stephen Galaida, Nathan Stolzenfeld (SPRI) & Harrison Walker (SPRI) 

Botany & Zoology 

  • 1st - Alyssa Gillam & William Ostergaard 
  • 1st - Isabelle Hipple 

Biochemistry & Chemistry 

  • 1st - Ella Alan (CHE403) 
  • 2nd - Firdavs Nasriddinov (CHE403) 
  • 3rd - Nat Bruss & Akhil Devarapalli (CHE401) 

Biological Sciences 

  • 1st - Makenzie Jones (Acc '22) 
  • 2nd - Ella Alan (SPRI) & Dixie Collins 
  • 3rd - Mia Kim (CHE403) 

Computer Science, Physics & Mathematics 

  • 1st - Camille Day & James White 
  • 1st - Isabel Rancu 
  • 2nd- Sanjeev Chauhan 
  • 2nd - Jack Brent 


  • 1st - Anna Gray Ashton (SPRI) & Eva Godwin (SPRI) 
  • 2nd - Jasmine Hagerty 

We would also like to celebrate the posting of the research abstract of Liana Brock & Natalie Peart on SCJAS’ website. Liana and Natalie created a list of aversive and non-aversive audiovisual stimuli and made videos out of all of the stimuli from their list. The final stimuli set will be used in future misophonia studies to help better understand the disorder and hopefully find a treatment for this debilitating disorder. This research has sparked discussion of collaboration on misophonia research between the University of South Carolina and Ohio State University researchers. 

Thank you to the GSSM faculty research advisors and research and inquiry course instructors for helping their students prepare their presentations. We would also like to thank Taylor Belcher, Grayson Gibson, and Staci Weeks for supporting our students at the meeting. 

Congratulations to all the GSSM students who presented at SCJAS! 

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