GSSM celebrates highest SAT and ACT scores in state

September 18, 2015

The South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics (GSSM) is celebrating the highest statewide scores in both the SAT and ACT this year. With an average SAT score of 1966 and an average composite ACT score of 30.6, GSSM was well above the statewide averages for both tests, 1442 and 20.4 respectively. 

“GSSM students strive in their commitment to academics and we are, as always, extremely proud of what they have accomplished,” said Dr. Murray Brockman, GSSM President. “In our 24/7 environment, they are given the tools they need to succeed and are constantly motivated by our devoted and enthusiastic faculty.” 

The SAT includes three different test categories: math, reading and writing. SAT scores per category are reported on a scale from 200-800, with additional subscores reported for the essay portion of the test (ranging from 2-12) and for multiple-choice writing questions (on a 20-80 scale). The scores are added together to obtain the total composite SAT score. 

The ACT includes four different test categories: English, Math, Reading and Science. Scores for each category and the overall composite are based on a 36-point scale. 

Both tests are used to measure student readiness for first-year college courses and the performance levels of public, private and home-based high schools. 

GSSM is a two-year public, residential high school for academically talented juniors and seniors. It offers college-level courses and a hands-on curriculum with a special focus on science, math, engineering, technology and research, along with concentrations in economics and entrepreneurship. GSSM is one of only 12 specialized residential programs in the nation. The school has been nationally recognized for its strong mix of intellectual challenges, dedicated teachers, rigorous research opportunities and overall excellence. 

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