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GSSM to Deliver STEM Teacher Training in Darlington County

September 7, 2016

The South Carolina Governor’s School for Science & Mathematics (GSSM) is pleased to announce a new education partnership with the Darlington County School District thanks to a generous investment by Duke Energy. 

GSSM will soon deliver its Portable Advanced STEM Exploration (PASE) teacher training program to 15 middle school math and science teachers across the district. Through PASE, teachers will engage in inquiry-based labs designed to teach them how to integrate learning technologies and equipment into their standards-based curriculum. Following the workshops, teachers may elect to borrow the PASE equipment for use in their classrooms.

“Supporting effective STEM programs like these is a critical focus for our company,” said Rick Jiran, vice president for community relations for Duke Energy. “Giving science and math teachers the tools they need to better engage students in these technologies will help our communities continue to grow and produce the next generation of high-tech workers.”

“We are extremely grateful to Duke Energy for the opportunity to impact teachers and students across the Darlington County School District in an effort to help improve skills, confidence and outcomes,” said Kim Bowman, CEO of the GSSM Foundation. “Today’s students are technology natives. Our goal is to take advantage of that by making data collection and analysis an integral part of the learning process.” 

PASE Science provides mobile learning technologies to middle and high school teachers of physical science, chemistry, biology and physics. PASE Math is designed specifically for Algebra I teachers. Both programs can be customized and are rooted in design inquiry and hands-on activities with real-world connections. Technologies include TI-Nspire calculators and handheld Labquest computers, along with a collection of sensors and probes.

PASE in Darlington County is scheduled for September 27, November 15 and February 27 at the Darlington County District Office.

For more information about PASE visit or contact Randy La Cross, GSSM Vice President of Outreach and Research, at 843-383-3916 or or LaChanda Hare, GSSM Outreach Instructor & Coordinator, at 843-383-3901 x 4016

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