Winter Sports Updates

December 9, 2017

December 9, 2017 Update


The girls got their first win of the season tonight against the Lady Bulldogs of Maranatha Christian with a final score of 33-31. The leading scorers were Maya Brown, with 10 points, and Emily Fast, with 9 points. Additionally, Dejanay Williams had 4 points while Carnya Sutton, Olivia Free and Brittany Bynum each had 2 points. Overall, a great game and victory for your Lady Eagles! 


Your Eagles will go to holiday break with a record of 3-2! They won their game tonight with fight and grit. The boys never gave up and even scored a total of 31 points in the third quarter. We were down in the first quarter 20-11, but quickly caught up in the second, going to the half with 23-25. The leading scorers were Jacob Palchak with 11 points, Rick Kouagmeni with 12 points, and Julian Taliaferro with 22 points! Rick also had 6 blocks throughout the game and a double-double (he had 12 points and 15 rebounds). Brian "Bill" Torreon, Gavin Statfford, Dawson Leviner, Doyle Hayden, and Nate Crago played well and hard as well. The boys definitely wanted this win and they got it. We will be back at after holiday break on January 5th! 

From Coach O'Connor:

A great night for our teams and school. Back to back wins, I am not sure when this happened last, but it has been more than a minute. What a great way to walk into the Breakfast of Champions and get ready to win again in your finals. Thank you to the Teams, Coaches, School and Fans for your effort and support. I hope we can all take these wins into finals week and use them to knock down good grades. Luck always matters a little, but hard work and effort win more often. You kids work hard, do your best and you will do well on your finals never stop trying.

Go Eagles!

December 5, 2017 Update


Tonight, your Eagles lost to the Chesterfield Rams. They played a tough game, with a final score of 53- 52. The leading scorers were Kelvin Aduma with 7 points, Rick Kouamegni with 8 points, Julian Taliaferro with 10 points, and Jacob Palchak with 13 points. We had less turnovers and less fouls, but at the end of the game, it came down to free-throws. We are currently 2-2 so far this season. This will be used as a lesson and the boys will move on to their next game on Friday, December 8, against Maranatha Christian. The girls’ game will begin at 5:00 with the boys following. 


Our Lady Eagles played with everything they had to give against the Rams. Both teams fought hard and each team hung in until the end. Unfortunately, the Lady Eagles lost by 15 points ending the score at 50 and Chesterfield with 65. Shoutout to all of the players for leaving it all on the floor, no matter how many countless fouls were called on them, especially Maya Brown sitting everybody down with her 25 points and Emily Fast getting past the defenders with 19 points. Hoping for a quick recovery of the injured players, Dejanay Williams and Danielle Dantzler again, but also Lindsay Gardner who, sadly, was injured tonight as well. We’ll bring it to the next team on Friday!

From Coach O’Connor:

Tough night for our Eagles, the ladies fought Cesterfield and injuries but came up short.  They had no shortage of hussle. Our guys decided to wake up late in the 3rd and 4th and came back hard but fell by 1 point after making up a 16 point spread.

Both teams played with heart and grit and showed that our programs are not push overs and should not be taken lightly. When things are tough you just work harder and smarter. There is no shame in a loss, I watched you all bust your tails. Well done.  

Teams and coaches I am proud of all of you, we will get some wins Friday night.  

December 1, 2017 Update


Our Lady Eagles played with all their heart on the court against the Crusaders. Both teams tried their best and it was an exciting game to watch. Sadly the Lady Eagles lost by 19 points ending the score at 35 and Emmanuel with 54. Shoutout to all of the players for leaving it all on the floor, no matter how many countless fouls were called on them. Hoping for a quick recovery of the injured players, Dejanay Williams and Danielle Dantzler, so they can head back on the court in the next game. We’ll get them next time!!


Your boys basketball team won their game tonight against Emmanuel! They did an amazing job with a final score of 59-46. You’re leading scorers were Julian Taliaferro with 11 points, Jacob Palchak with 12 points, and Kelvin Aduma with 12 points as well. Calvin Aduma came back today from an injury with multiple assists and rebounds. Gavin Stratford played an amazing offense, almost breaking some ankles. Rick Kouamengi played tough with great rebounds. Overall, the boys did amazing! We need to use this as momentum for tomorrow night’s home game against Camden Military

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