Class of 2024 Graduates from South Carolina Governor’s School for Science & Mathematics

May 31, 2024

HARTSVILLE, S.C. (May 31, 2024) – The South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics (GSSM) held its 35th Annual Commencement Ceremony, drawing nearly 130 families from across the state to Hartsville to honor their graduates.  

The GSSM Class of 2024, representing 31 counties and 82 high schools across South Carolina, gathered with their families and friends in the DeLoach Center. The atmosphere was filled with pride as the Residential and STEM Foundations students were awarded their GSSM diploma after two years of rigorous and advanced STEM studies.   

“The GSSM Class of 2024 instills hope for the future.” said GSSM President Danny Dorsel. “They are off to amazing schools in South Carolina and beyond.  These Govies will impact our world for the better just as they did during their two years at GSSM.  We couldn’t be prouder and more excited for them.” 

This year's graduating class has demonstrated exceptional dedication, resilience, and innovation throughout their time at GSSM. Their achievements in rigorous STEM programs, combined with their commitment to community service and leadership, have set a new standard for excellence. As they embark on the next phase of their academic and professional journeys, they carry with them the skills, knowledge, and values that GSSM instills in all its students. 

"Graduation is, of course, always a high point for our school, a time to celebrate our exceptional students and community.” said GSSM Dean of Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Matt Martin. “Our students have learned a lot in the last two years, and we're excited to see the difference they're going to make in our state and in the world." 

Mackensie Yore, 2004 GSSM alumna and an emergency physician and fellow with the National Clinician Scholars Program at UCLA and the Veteran Health Administration, served as this year’s Commencement guest speaker. After graduating from GSSM, Yore received a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from Wellesley College and was awarded the prestigious Thomas J. Watson Fellowship. After her fellowship, Yore worked for the World Health Organization on a maternal and neonatal health study in four African countries before completing her medical degree at Stanford University and residency in emergency medicine at UCSF Fresno.  

"It was an honor and joy to speak today to the Class of 2024,” Yore said. “GSSM is one of my “happy places”, and I hope this continues to be a special place and community for today’s graduates as they begin the next chapter in their lives.”  

On Saturday, May 18, GSSM hosted the Annual Completion Ceremony for its virtual engineering certificate program, Accelerate, at Prestwood Country Club in Hartsville. Twenty-one students representing 10 South Carolina school districts earned program certificates after completing three years of challenging collegiate engineering curriculum. Participating schools included Carolina Forest High School; Greenville Technical Charter High School; J.L. Mann High School Academy of Mathematics, Science & Technology; Lexington High School; Lugoff-Elgin High School; Mayo High School for Math, Science & Technology; Orangeburg High for Health Professionals; River Bluff High School; Seneca Senior High School; South Pointe High School and Woodland High School. 

Members of the Class of 2024 have been accepted to over 212 colleges and universities in the U.S. and abroad. They received many prestigious, merit-based scholarships, including, Alvey Scholarship - University of Mary Washington, Breakthrough Scholars - Clemson University, B. Robert Williamson, Jr. Distinguished Academic Scholarship - UNC Chapel Hill, Colonial Scholarship - College of Charleston, Distinguished Presidential Scholarship, Tuskegee University, Horatio Alger Scholarship, Lyceum Scholarship - Clemson University, Presidential Scholarship - George Washington University, Presidential Scholarship - Rochester Institute of Technology, Presidential Scholarship - Wellesley College, Questbridge Match Scholars - Duke University, Northwestern University, Rice University, Wesleyan University, Yale University, Rensselaer Medal Scholarship, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Top Scholars Carolina Scholarship - University of South Carolina. 


Residential Program 

Allendale County 

Mary Southerland Blakeney, student of Andrea Blakeney and Benji Blakeney, will attend Louisiana State University 

Aiken County 

Jaden Lee Coffey, student of Jennifer McMillian and Christopher Coffey, will attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Daytona Beach) 

Tracy Qiu, student of Sai Ping Wang and Jie Qiu, will attend Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 

Anderson County 

Samuel Neil Graham, student of Samuel Graham and Heather Palmer, will attend Clemson University 

Elizabeth Reese Horner, student of Katherine Horner and Terry Horner, will attend Wellesley College 

Elliott Reed Horner, student of Katherine Horner and Terry Horner, will attend Rochester Institute of Technology 

Meredith Ruth Morningstar, student of Janet Evans and Michael Morningstar, will attend Trinity University 

Barnwell County 

Hussain Aliasger Godhrawala, student of Aliasger Godhrawala and Ummehani Godhrawala, will attend Clemson University 

Sarah Celesteen Modugu, student of Sudharani Alamanda and Anand Modugu, will attend University of South Carolina 

Rudri Kamal Vyas, student of Meera Vyas, will attend University of South Carolina 

Beaufort County 

Savannah Rose Felix, student of Maureen Felix and Mark Felix, will attend Yale University 

Brian Kaleb Hamilton, student of Brian Hamilton and LaChiana Hamilton, will attend Howard University 

Ryan Lin, student of Yuying Lin and Hang Lin, will attend New York University 

Artency Lashley Lynn, student of Wendi Lynn and Phillip Lynn, will attend University of South Carolina 

Corie Brynn O'Connell, student of Melissa Rosen and Richard O'Connell, will attend American University 

Adelaide Jane Rogers, student of Alice Rogers and Brian Rogers, will attend Clemson University 

James Whitmire Suber, student of Nancy Suber and James Suber, will attend University of South Carolina 

Berkeley County 

Clay Ellis Brock, student of Jessica Brock, will attend College of Charleston 

Ashley Lian, student of Ruihua Lian and Feng Ye, will attend Northeastern University 

Trinity Piper McDavid, student of Kandi McDavid, will attend Wesleyan University 

Charleston County 

Bailey James Boucher, student of Stacey Boucher and Andrew Boucher, will attend Clemson University 

Niccolo Griffin Nisato, student of Catherine Nisato and Giovanni Nisato, will attend University of South Carolina 

Brian James Turner, student of Julie Turner and Dave Turner, will attend Clemson University 

Chesterfield County 

Lily Aileen Byrd, student of Jessica Byrd and Travis Byrd, will attend Francis Marion University 

Colleton County 

Grahame William Behie, student of Lauren Behie and William Behie. 

Darlington County 

Gabriel Mauricio Aceituno Gonzalez, student of Iris Gonzalez and Euclides Aceituno, will attend Francis Marion University 

Kylie Renee Housand, student of Holly Hoffman will attend Clemson University 

Bianca Richie-Lee Hylton, student of Michelle Hylton and Richard Hylton, will attend North Carolina State University 

Ann Jiang, student of Nian Ying Jiang, will attend University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Emma Rose Johnson, student of Janice Johnson, will attend George Washington University 

Ashley Niu, student of Xiaokai Niu and Qun Wang, will attend Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Shreeya Avnish Patel, student of Avnish Patel and Mintuben Patel, will attend University of South Carolina 

Venus Zheng, student of Xiangzhen Chen and Bin Zheng, will attend University of South Carolina 

Vivien Zheng, student of Xiangzhen Chen and Bin Zheng, will attend Swarthmore College 

Dillon County 

Charles Joseph Raia, student of Sarah Raia and Daniel Raia, will attend Eckerd College 

Dorchester County 

Aaron Cristina Anderson, student of Sharon Defreitas and Alvin Anderson, will attend Clemson University 

Helen Lin, student of Jitong Lin and Wenmei Shao, will attend University of South Carolina 

Mary Katherine O'Brien, student of Rebecca O'Brien and Kevin O'Brien, will attend Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 

Rohan Sarkar, student of Jayanta Sarkar and Nandini Sarkar, will attend Boston University 

Edgefield County 

Alanna Marie Gray, student of Megan Gray and Colin Gray, will attend Clemson University 

Florence County 

Lani Canete Hinson, student of May Hinson and William Hinson, will attend Clemson University 

Om Ketankumar Patel, student of Shital Patel, will attend North Carolina State University 

Naisha Shah, student of Darshana Shah and Harin Shah, will attend Rice University 

Robert Louis Stevenson, student of Alice Stevenson and Robert Stevenson, will attend Clemson University 

Ella Aliese Mollenido Suarez, student of Criscente Suarez and Suzette Suarez, will attend University of South Carolina 

Ramakrishna Siva S Vishnubhotla, student of Lakshmi Vishnubhotla and Naga Vishnubhotla, will attend University of South Carolina 

Georgetown County 

Thomas Chadwick Diggs, student of Thomas Diggs and Crystal Jones, will attend University of South Carolina 

Margaret Elizabeth Pender, student of Gretchen Pender and Robert Pender, will attend University of South Carolina 

Greenville County 

Rajguru Boobalan, student of Boobalan Ayyasamy and Rajeshwari Pillay, will attend The Ohio State University 

Allison Elizabeth Cobb, student of Elizabeth Cobb and Stephen Cobb, will attend University of South Carolina 

Jaylin Darius Robert Gist, student of Darius Gist, will attend Northwestern University 

Breanna Nicole Lahey, student of Dana Lahey and Seann Lahey, will attend Auburn University 

Emily Zhang Li, student of Min Zhang, will attend Case Western Reserve University 

Isabel Mimi Li, student of Gang Li and Rong Qi, will attend University of Wisconsin (Madison) 

Jacob Alexander Likins, student of Sarah Likins and Jeremy Likins, will attend Olin College of Engineering 

Turvi Masineni, student of Prasad Masineni and Pushpanjali Masineni, will attend Clemson University 

Anna Uyen Nhi Phan, student of Nhien Tran and Trinh Doan, will attend University of South Carolina 

Rohit Reddy Vummadi, student of Kavitha Vummadi and Jayapal Vummadi, will attend Clemson University 

Ella Aiyana Williams, student of Julia Williams and Joshua Williams, will attend Winthrop University 

Jack Winglam Yau-Larmon, student of Mary Yau and John Larmon, will attend University of South Carolina 

Ni Yuan, student of Dekai Yuan, will attend Dartmouth College 

Greenwood County 

Clara Cade Brown, student of Rebecca Brown and Paul Brown, will attend Duke University 

Garrett Jason Driscoll, student of Sarah Driscoll and James Driscoll, will attend University of Mary Washington 

Jefferson MacArthur Chapman, student of April Chapman and Jeff Chapman, will attend Wofford College 

Hampton County 

Malyawan Ilangeswaran, student of Ilangeswaran Marimuthu and Ushadevi Muthukrishnan, will attend Clemson University 

Horry County 

Idris Fayzullayev, student of Muslima Masaidova and Ziemedin Masaidov, will attend College of Charleston 

Christopher Gasca, student of Flyura Gasca and Peter Gasca, will attend Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 

Hayden Nicholas Herr, student of Melissa Herr, will attend University of South Carolina 

GuoLee Zhong, student of Simei Cui and Wu Zhong, will attend University of South Carolina 

Lancaster County 

Juliette Claudette Gaspary, student of Diana Gaspary and Renzo Gaspary, will attend University of South Carolina 

Cameron Sariah Kennedy, student of Tiffany Kennedy and Ryan Kennedy, will attend Clemson University 

Laurens County 

Madison Campbell Caughman, student of Crystal Caughman and Ryan Caughman, will attend Baylor University 

Sebastien Michel Bernard Diago, student of Jane Diago, will attend Concordia University (Montreal) 

Robert McMullen Simmonds, student of Yvonne Simmonds and Robert Simmonds, will attend Piedmont Technical College 

Lexington County 

Nadia Amira Ahmed, student of Keena Ahmed and Tanveer Ahmed, will attend Clemson University 

Noah Nathaniel Chambers, student of Candra Chambers and Nick Chambers, will attend Tuskegee University 

Alisha Laxman Charpe, student of Sangeeta Charpe, will attend University of South Carolina 

Kenzie Aleksandrovna Filiukova, student of John Ochocki and Natallia Ochocki, will attend University of South Carolina 

Guillaume Daryl Fotso Kouagang, student of Adeline Schaffer and Aaron Schaffer, will attend Clemson University 

Dahlia Mari Griffin, student of Elizabeth Griffin and Henry Griffin, will attend Smith College 

April Margaret Harbison, student of Sunny Truslow and David Harbison, will attend University of South Carolina 

Sofiane Lachab, student of Salai Ammal and Mohamed Lachab, will attend University of South Carolina 

Olivia Renee Lee, student of Wendy Lee, will attend Mercer University 

Maya Lakayla Mack, student of Dynisha Woodley, will attend Clemson University 

Jack Parker Pierstorff, student of Amanda Horton Joel Pierstorff, will attend Clemson University 

Marion Makoto Sturkie, student of Lindsey Sturkie and Kuniko Sturkie, will attend University of South Carolina 

Chloe Zhu, student of Shuwen Zhu and Caiying Dong, will attend Worcester Polytechnic Institute 

Marion County 

Alyssa Mae Painter, student of Michael Painter Jr.  and Loreliza Painter, will attend University of South Carolina 

Marlboro County 

Kaileigh Marie Ashworth, student of Christin Ashworth and Thomas Deaver, will attend University of South Carolina 

Orangeburg County 

Addison Edward Browne, student of Denise Browne and Zachary Browne, will attend Clemson University 

Averi Grace Evans, student of Laura Kimzey and Duke Kimzey, will attend Duke University 

Angel Ravenelle Kouamegni Kepnang, student of Erick Kouamegni and Berthe Pahatouo, will attend Clemson University 

Keelie Kitt Summers, student of Kristi Summers and J. Summers, will attend Clemson University 

Becky Zheng, student of Hong Ding and Wenhang Zheng, will attend Northeastern University 

Pickens County 

Lillie Grace Burns, student of India Jeror and Mark Jeror, will attend Maryville College 

Lukas Alejo Garcia, student of Mariela Aballay and Carlos Garcia Perez, will attend Clemson University 

Richland County 

Sahil Agarwal, student of Chetna Jain and Ashish Agarwal, will attend Clemson University 

Zhanaya Camille Casteal, student of Camilla Casteal, will attend Williams College 

Dara Davisson Haj-Hariri, student of Hossein Haj-Hariri, will attend University of South Carolina 

Azhan Uzair Lateef, student of Uzair Lateef and Faieza Lateef, will attend University of South Carolina 

Hannah Grace Marie Moffitt, student of Shawna Moffitt and Kenneth Moffitt, will attend Duke University 

Sophia Voulgaris, student of Mary Voulgaris and George Voulgaris, will attend Clemson University 

Spartanburg County 

Phoebe Ethel Anagnos, student of Suzanna Duling and Xan Anagnos, will attend University of Pennsylvania 

Amber Michelle Goff, student of Lisa Goff and Dennis Goff, will attend Clemson University 

Sumter County 

Breanna Chris-Andre Sherwood, student of Patrece Scott and James Dennis, will attend University of South Carolina 

Williamsburg County 

Paige Lanette McKnight, student of Jennifer McKnight and Paul McKnight, will attend Clemson University 

York County 

Robinson Duc Ngoc Bui, student of Ngoc-Dung Phan and Phuong Bui, will attend Johns Hopkins University 

Julia Reese Anin Cate, student of Jennifer Cate, will attend Clemson University 

Gomahi Dutta, student of Sree Rama Krishna Dutta, will attend Nova Southeastern University 

Sara Kathryn Geis, student of Christina Geis and Robert Geis, will attend Wofford College 

Peter John Hoegy, student of Katherin Hoegy and John Hoegy, will attend University of South Carolina 

Alexa Rebecca Jones, student of Dana Jones and Joshua Jones, will attend College of Charleston 

Alayna Amjad Khoja, student of Neena Khoja and Amjad Khoja, will attend Clemson University 

Logan Michael Morrison, student of Ami Morrison Jeff Morrison, will attend Clemson University 

Rion Michael Seekings, student of Carrie Seekings and Jim Seekings, will attend Clemson University 

Aditya Saikrishna Thota, student of Varalakshmi Maddala and Venkat Thota, will attend Clemson University 

James Heizer Welfare, student of Margaret Welfare and Charles Welfare, will attend Attending Davidson College  


STEM Foundations Program 

Beaufort County 

JuanPablo López, student of Gerardo Lopez and Natalia López will attend College of Engineering at Clemson University 

Darlington County 

Aidan Arrowood, student of Richard Arrowood and Cynthia Arrowood, will attend Clemson University 

Florence County 

Sidney Kelsey, student of Kelli Jackson and Ray and Kylie Kelsey, will attend Clemson University