GSSM Highlights Alumnus Briggs Murray ’23 for Outstanding Global Research Initiatives

June 14, 2024

The South Carolina Governor's School for Science and Mathematics (GSSM) proudly highlights the remarkable achievements of Briggs Murray, a distinguished alumnus from the class of 2023. Currently in his first year at Clemson University, Briggs has already made significant strides, building on the solid foundation he gained at GSSM.

Recipient of last year's prestigious President’s Cup, Briggs reflects on his transition to Clemson with enthusiasm: "My first year was fantastic! Clemson was definitely the right choice for me -- I've made some awesome new friends while keeping the old (so many Govies came to Clemson as well!)."

Murray’s involvement in research and leadership roles has been impressive. He is an active member of the refugee resettlement research team, Every Campus a Refuge (ECAR), and has taken on significant responsibilities as a writer and editor for the Americas Desk of The Pendulum, Clemson's International Affairs biannual magazine. These roles have allowed him to delve deeply into global issues and contribute to meaningful projects.

Murray’s first year at Clemson is only the beginning of his remarkable journey. He is currently on a 10-week study abroad program in France, Belgium, and Germany. His itinerary includes two weeks in Paris and Berlin with the Dixon Global Policy Scholars Program (GPS), a selective group of Honors students engaging in fully funded study abroad and policy coursework. Following this, he will spend a week in Brussels with his co-founded research team, HAPTICS (Health and Politics Towards Interculturally Connected Societies). This team, having secured grant funding from the Honors College, will interview Bruxellois NGOs, nonprofits, and activist organizations in Brussels.

“The best part about all of this is that it is all paid for, either through my NSP scholarship deal or received grants,” said Murray. “I'm so thankful for all that GSSM has given me access to. The Bike to the Future study abroad program that I did with GSSM really set me up to have confidence to seek out our Brussels independent research projects.”

The final seven weeks will be spent in Germany as part of the National Scholars Program (NSP). Briggs, along with eight other freshmen and their Faculty Fellow, will explore the history and culture of Germany through immersive studies in Berlin, Stuttgart, and Regensburg. The culmination of this program includes internships and research collaborations with OTH Regensburg, facilitated by Clemson University.

"My experience with GSSM can best be allegorized to the composition of a spaghetti dinner.” Said Murray “At my home high school, I was given the pasta--the simple base ingredient that gets the job done simplistically. At GSSM, I found the spaghetti sauce to my pasta. With countless unforgettable memories, a top-of-the-line education, and a community of support, GSSM gave me the missing ingredients that transformed an ordinary high school experience into a unique, unforgettable high school education that bursts with flavor and fun. Without the opportunities afforded me by GSSM, I would have entered college with only pasta noodles, and would in no way be offered the types of incredible opportunities that are now at my fingertips."