Online Courses

The SC Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics (GSSM) offers live virtual courses tuition-free to students across the state of SC. Students in these classes take one or more GSSM courses from their home or home high school. During class time, students participate in engaging classroom discussions, small group conversations, and problem-solving time with peers from across the state. Classes are taught via Zoom by GSSM instructors. Textbooks, lab kits, and other instructional materials are provided by GSSM free-of-charge to students.

The courses include dual enrolled Calculus, dual enrolled Physics, honors engineering electives, and upper-level math electives. For full course details, see the course catalog below. Honors PreCalculus or equivalent is a required prerequisite for all of these classes.

Course Catalog

Dr. Nicole Kroeger will host an information session on Monday, May 13 from noon-12:30pm on Zoom (email Dr. Kroeger for the link), drop in if you have questions or just want to learn more.

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