ENGAGE Student Leaders

Meet the ENGAGE & Women in Computer Science Student Leaders

Phoenix Zhao

Hello! My name is Phoenix Zhao, and I am from Fort Mill, SC. I’m interested in electronics and robotics. Several of my extracurriculars pertain to these fields. For example, I’m a co-captain of team 327 Lobotomists, the engineering tutor captain, and the captain of SPARK! robotics. Outside of STEM, I hold other leadership roles as Natural Helper and Student Council Treasurer. Whenever I get the chance, I love skateboarding, making art, and taking care of my plants. I love how WOMP SCI (Women in Computer Science) and ENGAGE both create a safe learning space for people from various backgrounds with unique skill sets. I am so excited to dive deeper into these interesting topics with you all and learn together!

Shreya Mathur

Hello, my name is Shreya Mathur, and I am from Fort Mill, SC. I’m interested in Artificial Intelligence and Medicine. Due to this interest, I’m a member of HOSA and a tutor for biology and computer science. Aside from academics, I hold leadership roles as a Natural Helper, Student Council member, co-president of the Asian Culture Club and K-Pop Club, Chief of the Newsletter for Environmental Club, and Head of Dance of the Bollywood Club. In my free time, I enjoy reading poetry and web novels, and taking walks outside. I’m excited to get the opportunity to share my interest in coding with a younger audience, and I hope to help inspire the future of computer science through this program!

Peyton Weidner

Hello everyone! I am Peyton Weidner, and I am from Fort Mill, SC. In school I like to study Spanish and computing, and I especially love computer programming and robotics. I am on FTC Robotics Team 772, where I mainly do mechanical work, and in my free time I program and sometimes develop my own games. I am a car mechanic and I love hands-on work with vehicles. When I have free time, I also like to write my own music. I am excited about WOMP SCI and ENGAGE because I love how these provide opportunities for everyone to learn the basics of coding. I had to learn on my own, so I am very happy to be able to teach others! I am looking forward to teaching all of you and learning from you as well.

Niquee Agina

Hello! My name is Niquee Agina, and I am from Walterboro, SC. At GSSM, I focus mainly on robotics, sports, and personal well-being. I am a co-captain for team 327 Lobotomists, and a tutor in Math, Spanish, and Organization. Outside of academics, I am a natural helper, a plant mother, and a competitive basketball player. I often listen to music and play the flute in my free time. I'm eager to dive into the programming world and explore all that comes with engineering. I look forward to learning with y'all!

Lauren Hattan

Hey! My name is Lauren Hattan and I’m a senior here at GSSM. I am from Greenville, SC and I love chemistry, but engineering is a close second. I have a ton of different hobbies and am a member of many clubs such as NHS, Beta Club, FBLA, and even gardening club! I’m super excited for ENGAGE this year, and can’t wait to meet everyone and learn with you!!

Abigail Bailey

Hey there! :) I'm Abi, and I'm from Goose Creek. I love coding and computer science, as well as civil engineering and environmental science! My favorite color is orange, and a fun fact about me is that I am originally from Maine. I'm the leader of SPARK! Environmental Science and I'm also a tutor for Computer Science and Engineering! I'm so excited to work with ENGAGE and could teach you guys about coding :)

Teagan Mann

Hey! My name is Teagan Mann and I’m from Charleston, SC. I’m interested in computer science and law and hope to become a patent lawyer when I am older! I try to involve myself heavily in activities relating to computer science, such as recently having completed research in computational mathematics! But I have hobbies outside of the field too including playing golf, chess, and doing track and field. I also really love a good bike ride and generally just any chance to get outside. I look forward to meeting everyone and introducing them to my passion for computer science.

Shatakshi Dixit

Hey! My name is Shatakshi Dixit and I'm from Fort Mill, SC. My favorite subject is Math and I'm planning to go into computer science and AI in college. I can't wait to meet all of you and teach classes for computer science!!

Paolina Naneva

Hi! My name is Polly Naneva and I am from Fort Mill, SC. I have been interested in Computer Science since I was in Elementary School and am excited to get the opportunity to teach it to others. In my free time, I enjoy roller skating, playing video games, and sleeping. I look forward to meeting everyone and helping them learn more about computer science!

Akshara NallaReddy

Hello! My name is Akshara NallaReddy and I’m from Fort Mill SC. I love coding, especially Python but I also know Java. In the future, I would like to be a computer science and business major because the jobs that have these two fields are interesting to me in how they combine. Some of my hobbies include painting and watching movies. I can’t wait to teach y’all computer science!

Esther Cho

Hey everyone! My name is Esther Cho, and I am from Fort Mill, SC. My favorite subjects would be biology and chemistry, and I would like to pursue a career in those topics. I'm also a part of various clubs and extracurriculars at GSSM, like HOSA, S2S, and Science Olympiad. I'm also a Natural Helper and a tutor! I love to listen to music and take walks with my friends. I'm excited about all we have planned and to meet everyone! I hope we have a great time together and learn more about computer science!