SPARK! Frequently Asked Questions

Zoom Frequently Asked Questions 

Setting up your Zoom Account
I do not have a Zoom account, what do I need to do?

A Zoom link will be sent to the email address on file around 8 am on the day of the class. When you click on the link, a Zoom window should open in your default browser. You do not need to create an account to join the class as a participant, but your child will need to use their first name and last initial as their Zoom name to be admitted into the class.

My child will use my Zoom account for this class, is that ok?

That is fine, just make sure when registering your student that you have included the name of the parent whose Zoom account they will use.

My Zoom meeting page never finishes loading. What should I do?
  • Make sure your browser is supported by Zoom and that the browser is up to date.
  • You can try a different browser: Chrome, Edge, Safari.
  • You can try downloading Zoom Client to access this class. You can do this by visiting
Navigating Around Zoom  
How do I test my Zoom audio/visual/streaming capabilities? 

Zoom offers support and guidelines for audio, visual, and streaming capabilities at

My Zoom is acting WEIRD! My picture is fuzzy, or it keeps freezing, lagging, or skipping during the live sessions. What do I do?
  • Chances are your Internet is unstable, weak, or overloaded. Here are some options. 
  • Test your internet with Zoom here:  
  • Move your workstation close to your router. 
  • Plug your laptop directly into your router. 
  • Check to see if there are other users on your internet network and ask your family to avoid using the Internet while you are in class.
  • If siblings are participating in class at the same time, try one person using a laptop (Wi-Fi) and the other person using a smartphone (data plan) or the same device.
I cannot get the camera to work. Help? 
  • Did you allow access to the camera? Permission must be given each time you join a Zoom meeting. 
  • Is something blocking your camera? 
  • Does your laptop have a camera installed? 
  • When logged into your Zoom account on the web, go to the gear icon for Settings and on the left tool bar select Video. Make sure the correct video has been selected. 
I cannot get the sound/microphone to work. What do I do?

o Is the Mute button highlighted? Check the bottom tool bar (far left) for the microphone button. Click on it to mute/unmute.

o Are you using headphones/earbuds with a built-in microphone? Make sure your computer has recognized this device. On the bottom toolbar, right click on the microphone icon and click Sounds. A window will open and tell you what Audio Enhancements have been recognized. If your headset has not been recognized, click Troubleshoot Sound Problems, and follow the prompts.

o Still having trouble? Log into your Zoom Account. On the left side bar under Profile, choose Settings and under Audio Type make sure you have selected Telephone and Computer Audio.

o If you are still having trouble, you can call into the class so that you do not lose instructional time. If this happens before class starts, email or call our Outreach Center 843-383-3958 and let us know you are having technical difficulty.

  • Call in # 646-931-3860 US. You will still need the meeting room number and passcode to get into the class.
  • An invitation to view the class recording will be sent by request only to registered participants unable to attend due to technical difficulties the day after the class.
I have done the above, and it is still not working!

Additional Resources are available with Zoom Tech Support