Engage Student Leaders 

Jack Brent – President 

Hello! My name is Jack Brent, and I am from Clinton, SC. My favorite subject is math. A fun fact about me is that I’ve been playing piano for 10 years! In addition to ENGAGE, I am in the Laurens County Cycling Club, S2S tutoring, Tri-M music club, Physics club, Environmental Club, National Honors Society, and the Math team. I am excited about being part of the ENGAGE team because I enjoy teaching others!


Chris Parker – Vice President 

Hello! My name is Chris Parker. I’m a senior at GSSM and the vice president of ENGAGE! I was born in Myrtle Beach, but I’ve lived in Pageland, SC, most of my life. I’m a Spanish and computer science tutor at GSSM. Unsurprisingly, my favorite subject is computer science, with electrical engineering coming in at a close second. I also really enjoy playing video games and messing around with electronics. I’m excited to teach some bright, young, future engineers!


Abram Crowder

Hello! My name is Abram Crowder and I am a junior at GSSM. My favorite subjects are math and physics. I am in a lot of clubs including Spark and Engage. This year I am looking forward to doing a lot of community projects through the various clubs I am in.




Frank Estock

Hey! I’m Frank and I’m from Ohio originally, but I moved to Fort Mill, SC when I was young. I’m interested in music and biology, and I like to play euphonium (it’s a brass instrument). Something interesting about me is that I have hearing aids- it’s pretty unique about me. Along with ENGAGE I also do plenty of other clubs like Smash Club, Environmental Club, and Spark! I’m excited for ENGAGE because I like teaching people, whether it’s tutoring or teaching a class. It’s fun and I like to see when people get a concept.



Jack Jackson 

Hey! My name is Jack Jackson, and I am from Greenville, South Carolina. Currently, I am a junior at GSSM and my favorite subject is Biology. Along with being a member of Engage, I am a part of Interact Club, MOSAIC, NHS, and HOSA. I am excited to get involved with the ENGAGE program and help teach fellow aspiring engineers.



Whitney Kitchen

Hi! My name is Whitney Kitchen and I’m from Spartanburg, South Carolina. My favorite subject is physics, and I really love math! In addition to Engage, I’m president of Linguistics Club and French Club, and I also participate in physics club, chemistry club, and SPARK! I’m excited about ENGAGE because teaching is a great way for me to learn things for myself and I hope I can help spark an interest in STEM for participating kids.


Anna Kiley

Hello! My name is Anna Kiley and I am a junior. I am from Clinton, SC. My favorite subject is Biology, I am in SPARK and ENGAGE, and I am excited to learn more!



Alex Minnich

Hello! My name is Alex Minnich and I’m from Fort Mill, SC. I enjoy Math, Physics, Engineering Design, and Latin! I am also a licensed scuba diver and a competitive mountain biker. On top of ENGAGE I also created the cycling club and am a member of The Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter Club). I love ENGAGE because Engineering is so much fun and I love helping others!


Tremaine Richardson

My name is Tremaine Richardson. I'm from Duncan, South Carolina. My favorite subject is engineering as I plan to become an electrical engineer. I'm currently club president of Smash Bros club, and a member of Engage obviously. I'm excited to learn more about electronics and circuitry myself, and then be able to teach it to others!


Zoe Szymaski

Hello! My name is Zoe Szymanski and I am from Hanahan SC. My favorite subjects are engineering and math. A fun fact about me is I collect lego rockets. In addition to ENGAGE, I also participate in swimming, robotics, basketball, SPARK, and NHS. I am super excited about ENGAGE because I get to share my love of STEM with others.


Kevius Tribble

Hello! My name is Kevius Tribble and I am from Newberry, SC. My favorite subject is Computer Science. A fun fact about me is I have been involved with FTC robotics for three years. In addition to ENGAGE, I also participate in Smash Club and Robotics Club. I am excited about ENGAGE because I will get to teach children about STEM.




Zoe Vickery

Hi! My name is Zoe Vickery! I am a senior at GSSM, and I am from Greenwood, SC. My favorite subject is biology! I am in NHS, S2S, MEDLIFE, ENGAGE, outing club, baking club, and a few more. I am excited to interact with many people and teach others through ENGAGE.