STEM Scholars is an academic enrichment program that provides Saturday learning experiences covering the core areas of mathematics, science, technology, communications, and leadership to students from underrepresented communities. Working with partner middle schools in the Pee Dee, cohorts of 7th grade students are identified and invited to participate in the program. GSSM faculty, staff, and other community content experts serve as instructors for the Saturday academic sessions.


  • The STEM Scholars program brings promising students from the Pee Dee area together and gives them the opportunity to interact and grow in scholarship
  • 7th grade students are selected in the spring semester from underrepresented communities in the Pee Dee area. (Please note that the selection process for 2020 has been delayed due to COVID-19.)
  • Throughout this 2 and a half year program (8th, 9th, and fall semester of 10th grade), STEM Scholars engage in academic enrichment in the core areas of math and science, leadership, and college readiness on the GSSM campus in Hartsville, SC.
  • STEM Scholars are invited to attend the annual GSSM open house, INSIDE GSSM, in February.
  • Field trips each spring provide real-world exposure to STEM fields and introduce them to STEM careers they may not have previously considered.
  • Students with perfect attendance for all STEM Scholars activities who are in good academic standing at their schools are awarded scholarships to participate in the week-long GoSciTech residential STEM summer camp at the end of their 8th and 9th grade years.
  • Participating school districts include Chesterfield, Darlington, Florence 01, and Florence 04.


By participating in the STEM Scholars program, students will:

  • Develop an interest in STEM topics, activities, and goals.
  • Improve attitudes toward STEM fields and careers.
  • Increase the likelihood of pursuing STEM careers.



Virtual Sessions - Saturday Mornings from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM (Please note that spring sessions will be virtual until further notice.)

Duke Energy STEM Scholars commence academic sessions. 

           February 13, 2021

           March 20, 2021

           April 24, 2021

           May (TBD) – Field Trip


GoSciTech Summer Camp Experience - Dates to be determined


Is there a fee to participate in this program?

No, the STEM Scholars program is offered free to students thanks to generous donations made through the GSSM Foundation. The 2021 cohort of STEM Scholars will be sponsored by a grant from Duke Energy.

Is transportation provided?

Free transportation for Saturday sessions is offered to students from Chesterfield and Florence districts with pickup points at centralized locations.

Are meals provided?

Lunch in the GSSM dining hall is provided for each Saturday session at no cost.

Do participants have to commit to remaining in the program for all 5 semesters?

Yes, students and families must commit to attending all monthly Saturday sessions each year.

How can I participate in the STEM Scholars Program?

GSSM collaborates with partner schools to nominate students who are invited to complete the STEM Scholars application. Due to COVID-19, the new 8th grade cohort is being nominated in the Fall of 2020.

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