​GSSM is one of the best STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) high schools in the country.​ We prepare students to succeed in a competitive job market and begin paving their path toward the high-tech, high-wage careers of the future.

A Residential High School

Living on campus is one of the most unique and exciting aspects of the GSSM experience. Residential life requires GSSM students to develop tolerance, self-discipline, responsibility and cooperation skills—traits that benefit them in college, in their careers and in their relationships later in life.  

"At GSSM, students learn plenty of academic material, like chemical structure and bonds, but students also learn how to be successful in all facets of life and develop personal friendships that will last a lifetime."

-Joey Wilson, Class of 2013

Residence Life Coordinators are always present on our campus. These professionals, along with Resident Assistants, live in the residence hall with our students and are available to you and your children 24 hours a day.

GSSM is dedicated to providing students with everything they need to succeed, both academically and personally, in their new home away from home. Because your child is entering the independence stage two years early, GSSM collaborates with you to ensure appropriate and regular communication. Please call us if you have concerns and know that we will keep you informed and updated on your child’s progress. You can keep up with important dates by visiting GSSM's academic calendar.


One of the best things about GSSM is that our students become close and make lifelong friendships here. You can be assured that your child's friends will be a positive influence on their academic career—all of our students are smart and interested in learning, and often spur each other on to higher levels of achievement. After college, govies often look to their friends for networking and new professional opportunities.


With 50+ STEM classes, your child will have access to any STEM subject they can think of! Our independent study and research opportunities offer additional learning experiences that have led our alumni to interesting careers. Alumni Success Stories


All of our faculty hold master’s degrees, and an impressive 80% hold doctorate degrees. Our 24/7 learning environment means that teachers are available to work with students outside of designated class times, often inviting students to come by their offices for help with course material. Our faculty is committed to the academic success of our students, and they welcome hearing from parents.

Student Services

College Counseling and Advising
When it’s time to apply for college, students (and parents!) are often overwhelmed with choices and befuddled by paperwork. GSSM helps every student develop an individual college plan. Our college counselors help students navigate everything from applications to financial aid.

Security officers keep students safe round the clock. GSSM's keycard swipe system ensures that only residents are allowed in the building after 5 p.m. Security officers are trained in emergency procedures for fires, tornadoes, power outages and medical concerns.

Health Services
Our Department of Health Services, managed by our School Nurse, is available to evaluate and treat minor illnesses and diseases. Referrals to local medical providers are made in concert with parents when appropriate.

Counseling Services
GSSM provides on-site counseling services where students can see a licensed mental health professional in a convenient, comfortable and confidential setting.

Govie Parenting Guide

Our Student Development staff share some tips and tricks for parenting your Govie in the GSSM Govie Parenting Guide.