Registration is required each summer prior to enrolling in the fall semester for students who have been accepted to, or who are continuing in, the Residential, Accelerate, or TEAM UP programs. It must be completed by the student's parent or guardian.

Open Registration Form

Please note that, for enhanced security, this form is only available in the US. If you are traveling and need access outside of the US, please send an email to

What we collect

This web-based form collects required information pertaining to:

  1. Student demographics and personal information    
  2. Parent and guardian contact information    
  3. Insurance information (for Residential students)
  4. Non-family emergency contact information    
  5. Medical conditions and medications (for use by overnight programs)

You can log into the form, save your changes, and return as often as you need. You will be provided with a username and first-use password when Registration opens. You can also reset your password if you forget it.

Getting Help

Got questions about how to answer certain questions or the information we're asking for? Please reach out to the contact for the program you're registering your student for:

Residential Program: Heather Carabo

Accelerate and TEAM UP: Lisa Bateman

If you have trouble logging in or using the Registration site, send an email to