Home of Accelerate, GSSM's statewide engineering program, The Duke Energy Engineering & Innovation Institute also offers GSSM Residential students the opportunity to take college-level engineering courses. The purpose of the Institute is to expose students to a variety of engineering concepts, skills and applications so that if completed, the student will have a solid engineering background entering college and eventually the work force.  

Any GSSM residential student may register for the engineering courses, given that the prerequisites are met. For more information, please review the course catalog.

Course Descriptions

Applications of Engineering Design (FALL Semester - 0.5 unit)
This Course is a course that is appropriate for students who are interested in design and engineering. The learning objectives for this course are the following:  

  • Understand and use the engineering design thinking process
  • Create 3D designs using hand drawings, SolidWorks and 3D printing
  • Understand physical computing with the Arduino
  • Understand some of the global and human impacts of technology by simulating an Internet Fulfillment Center warehouse using Lego robots  

Includes a 2 hour weekly lab.

Engineering Mechanics: Statics (SPRING Semester – 0.5 unit)
This course studies the mechanics of static structures. Topics covered in this course include vector force systems, systems in equilibrium, structural analysis of trusses and frames, friction, distributed forces, center of gravity, and moment of inertia. Technical drawing and design skills will be used to build a bridge structure out of bass wood and test its strength. PREREQ: PHY101-H, PHY151-H, PHY201-AP or permission of the instructor. Includes a 2 hour weekly lab. This course may or may not be offered depending on the availability of an instructor.

Engineering: Electronics (FALL Semester – 0.5 unit)
Students are introduced to the principles of digital electronics. The material covers a variety of topics including Boolean algebra, basic gates, logic circuits, flip-flops, registers, arithmetic circuits, counters, interfacing with analog
devices, and programming an FPGA board. Includes a 2 hour weekly lab.

Engineering: SolidWorks (SPRING Semester – 0.5 unit)
Students join the 3D printing revolution in learning how to create their designs in SolidWorks, including sketching, part and assembly creations, and creating drawings with which to communicate their ideas.  A final project will include 3D printing their design.

Engineering: ProductDesign (SPRING Semester – 0.5 unit)
Students research and develop a new product or process. The product can be either an invention or innovation, and should include the building of a prototype.  The process should be a new way of doing something of a technical nature. Students will communicate their solutions to their peers and members of the professional community. Includes a 2 hour weekly lab. PREREQ: ENGIN205-H or permission of the instructor.

For GSSM students that have completed the 10th grade year of the Accelerate Engineering Program at their home high school, they may opt to continue in the engineering courses offered through Clemson while attending GSSM. These engineering courses will be offered in the same way they were offered during their 10th grade year. Students will be responsible for following the course schedule for these engineering classes. Their remaining course work will be completed through the residential program and follow the residential schedule.