For three weeks before the second semester begins, students at GSSM participate in a "mini-mester", or January Interim, where they focus on one elective course. Interim classes are a great way for students to ease into the new year, and the wide variety of course offerings allows students to tap into undiscovered talents and explore new hobbies. Several courses include travel, nationally or internationally, and field experiences. In years past, groups have visited places like Silicon Valley and the Galapagos Islands.

Course topics are diverse and include science, technology, art, music and drama. Interim courses are taught by members of the GSSM faculty, along with visiting professors from South Carolina colleges and universities.

2021 January Interim Classes

  • The Beauty of Mathematics
  • Art in the Interim
  • Origami: The Art of Paperfolding
  • Patchwork Quilting: Stitching Together Textile Art and Geometry
  • MakerSpace
  • Mathematical Problem Solving
  • Mental Health through Pop Culture: Psychology of Adrian Monk
  • Understanding and Practicing Mindfulness
  • Strength and Conditioning/ Sports Medicine Injury Prevention, Injury Care, Injury Recovery
  • Gliding at the Bermuda High Soaring School
  • Sports in the Interim
  • Never Been Done
  • Equine Science and Horsemanship
  • Ethics, Beauty, and the Environment
  • Music Performance in the Interim
  • The Cooking Lab
  • Tea and Coffee in the Interim
  • Polymers
  • The Ethics of Fashion
  • Genomics Workshop: Computational Biology
  • Introduction to American Sign Language and Deaf Culture
  • Microbial and Medical Diagnostics
  • Chess in the Interim
  • Skiing and the Underlying Science Principles
  • Being Francophone in America
  • Borges and I: The Many Worlds of Jorge Luis Borges
  • How to Do Nothing: Nature, Technology, and Cognition in the Age of Distraction

Interim classes will be held Monday, January 7th to Wednesday, January 23rd.

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Interim course and trip payments can be made here.

Receipts for payments will have a code corresponding to the class you have paid for. You can expect to see the following codes.

2019-2020 Class Codes

01-The Cooking Lab
02-Patchwork Quilting: Stitching Together Textile Art and Geometry
03-Professional Sports in the Interim
05-American Sign Language and Deaf Studies
06-Mental Health through Pop Culture: Psychology of Adrian Monk
07-Equine Science and Horsemanship
08-Bermuda High Soaring School Gliding Introductory Course
09-Art in the Interim
10-Music Performance
11-Portugal and Spain
12-Splendors of the Mediterranean
13-Costa Rica Conservation Expedition
14-Peru: Culture, History and Biodiversity
15-Culture, Industry and University Education in Northwestern Europe
16-All In Test Prep
21-Security Deposit
22-Student Meal
24-AP Exam
25-Lost Book