Student Testimonials - Summer 2019

"This was a great experience. At first it was scary, but then I learned a lot, made new friends, and grew stronger." - Jada Watson

"Launch Pad was great, it exposed me to the type of classwork and homework that is expected at GSSM. I met a lot of great friends and I feel much more prepared for the school year." - Amelia Stensland

"It was great meeting new friends and getting to know some teachers and faculty." - Destiny Benjamin

"Before coming to Launch Pad I genuinely doubted whether or not I would fit in. However, now I don’t want to leave! I've made friends and gained knowledge and experiences I could've only dreamed of before. I definitely recommend!" - Liz Middleton

"I made friends and became very comfortable and could live a normal life at GSSM. Launch Pad helped me understand expectations, being away from home, familiarized me with material and helped me meet a lot of new people." - Brandon Campbell

"You get a step ahead in class, at the school, and with the teachers. You also make many new friends that will help and support you." - Jordan Veurink

"Lanuch Pad was a great experience and good preparation for the upcoming school year!" - Robert Reeder

"I'm really glad I decided to go to Launch Pad. It prepared meme in ways I did not expect." - Kobe Jiang