Mentored Research & Inquiry experiences have been a unique feature and academic requirement at the South Carolina Governor’s School for Science & Mathematics (GSSM) since 1990. The GSSM Research & Inquiry experience is one of the distinctive learning opportunities that sets this educational journey apart from other schools across South Carolina and the country.GSSM course catalog 2021 and 2022 This experience provides GSSM students with the unique opportunity of exploration, discovery, and individual growth. GSSM students become familiar with the methods of discovery, apply critical thinking skills, learn to overcome challenges with rigor and creativity and challenge their ability to communicate complex concepts.
GSSM’s goal is to prepare each student to seek out and thrive in opportunities at each stage of their journey after graduation. GSSM works individually with students and families to identify Research & Inquiry experiences with consideration of each student’s goals, interests, educational objectives, and situation.
GSSM partners with institutions across South Carolina, the country, the world, and with our own outstanding faculty to provide experiences across a variety of fields and institutions. While the most common fields reflect traditional areas of excellence for South Carolina – agricultural science, biology, chemistry, engineering, environmental science, and materials science, students have recently worked in diverse fields from archaeology to robotics to economics and beyond. Students may also have the opportunity to conduct research during the school year through one of our Research & Inquiry courses.

GSSM course catalog 2021 and 2022Anna Gray Ashton (Residential ‘22) & Eva Godwin (Residential '22)
University of South Carolina – Lab of Monirosadat Sadati

Anna Gray & Eva helped develop a process for encasing a polymer that changes color in response to pressure as a way to create colorimetric pressure indicators that could be used for a wide variety of applications.


Tremaine RichardsonTremaine Richardson (Residential '22) & Stephen Sartor (Accelerate '22)
Josh Campbell (Residential '20)  
AVX – Dr. Craig Nies

Stephen & Tremaine worked at AVX with GSSM Alum Josh Campbell ’20 to develop methods to more consistently prepare materials for the assembly of capacitors.
Josh conducted his GSSM research & inquiry project at AVX in the Summer of 2019.

Anne MacklinAnne Macklin (Residential '22)
Clemson University Restoration Institute – Lab of Eric Patterson

Anne used 3D design software & rapid prototyping with 3D printers to develop a stage that can rotate around 3-axes to hold an object for imaging in the light & camera sphere being built by the Patterson group. The information they will collect from this device will help improve our understanding of how materials reflect and absorb light, which will contribute to improvements in digital animation.

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