Earning College Credit Hours while at GSSM

GSSM students can earn college credit through three types of advanced courses:

Advanced Placement (AP): GSSM offers 20 AP courses during the year. All GSSM students are strongly encouraged to complete the AP exams to earn college credit and/or advanced standing upon enrollment in college. GSSM students have used AP credits to double major, support research or study abroad, and graduate early from college.

Dual Enrollment (DE): GSSM offers dual enrollment classes through Coker University in Chinese, computer science, economics, engineering, and English.

Specific courses for which GSSM has a memorandum of understanding with Clemson University and the University of South Carolina: These universities will grant college credit for certain GSSM courses that are closely aligned with the university's courses. Students must earn at least a B in the GSSM course and a passing grade on the final exam in order to receive college credit if admitted to the university. A list of the approved courses, course equivalencies and credits granted by each university can be found in the Academic Policies and Course Catalog, pages 46-48. Some courses in the initiative are in the Advanced Placement (AP) program while others are beyond this level. Students may continue to take the AP exams where applicable and are encouraged to do so. This is a great advantage for our students to possibly begin their college career with advanced standing in many disciplines.