Standardized Testing

The SAT and ACT are an important component of the student's application to colleges. As required by the State of South Carolina, GSSM administers the ACT and SAT to all juniors in the spring. Students will be provided information regarding registration for these special test administrations at GSSM. Students choose one of these tests to complete, the cost of which is incurred by the state.  Test prep is available through individualized practice sessions with faculty, access to test prep guidebooks and free test prep through Khan Academy for the SAT, and ACT Academy for the ACT.

For the 2019-2020 academic year, GSSM has purchased an additional test prep program via Naviance Student for both the SAT and ACT. This on line test prep is available to all GSSM juniors and seniors via their Naviance Student portal. Click here to learn more about Naviance's new test prep.

GSSM’s School Code for the SAT and ACT is 410997

To register for the tests:

  • College Board (for the SAT Test and the SAT Subject Tests)
  • ACT (for the American College Test)

SAT and SAT Subject Tests

The SAT includes sections on Evidenced Based Reading and Writing in addition to Mathematics. Individual section scores range from 200 to 800.

SAT Subject Tests are required by some selective colleges for admission. Students should check the admissions requirements for each college to which they are applying to determine which tests may be required. The ideal time to take the SAT Subject Tests is in May or June of the junior year, as they are not offered again until August.

2019-20 SAT Administration Dates & Deadlines

SAT Date Reg. Deadline Late Reg. Deadline Deadline for Changes
8/24/19 7/26/19 8/6/19 (mail)
8/13/19 (online/phone) 
10/5/19 9/6/19 9/17/19 (mail)
9/24/19 (online/phone)
11/2/19 10/3/19 10/15/19 (mail)
10/22/19 (online/phone)
12/7/19 11/8/19 11/19/19 (mail)
11/26/19 (online/phone)
3/14/20 2/14/20 2/25/20 (mail)
3/3/2020 (online/phone)
5/2/20 4/3/20 4/14/20 (mail)
4/21/20 (online/phone)
6/6/20 5/8/20 5/19/20 (mail)
5/27/20 (online/phone)


The ACT includes sections in English, math, reading, science and an optional Essay (which we encourage students to take.) Scores on the individual sections range from 1 to 36, and your composite score is an average of the subscores.

2019-20 ACT Administration Dates & Deadlines

ACT Date Reg. Deadline Late Reg.
(Fee Required)
9/14/19 8/16/19 8/17-8/30
10/26/19 9/20/19 9/21-10/4
12/14/19 11/8/19 11/9-22
2/8/20 1/10/20 1/11-17
4/4/20 2/28/20 2/29-3/13
6/13/20 5/8/20 5/9-22
7/18/20 6/19/20 6/20-26