What is Naviance Student?

GSSM has partnered with Hobson's to provide a variety of tools for college planning. These tools are located in Naviance Student, a website portal for students and families to access online resources and collaborate on college and career readiness activities.

Finding the right college or university requires careful research and collaboration between students, parents, college counselors, and college admission officers. GSSM uses Naviance Student to help students create their college lists, organize college applications and track their admissions status. Naviance Student provides an abundance of information on college majors, careers, and information about the acceptance profiles of GSSM students at specific colleges and universities.

As a residential high school, our use of Naviance Student enables students and families to work closely with GSSM college counselors in the college planning process. If you are the parent of a GSSM student, and you have been given a user name and password, log in to GSSM's Naviance Student.

Parents: Watch the video Getting Started with Naviance Student by Dr. Jenifer Blair.