The course load and schedules for GSSM students more closely mirror that of a college than a traditional high school.

The minimum course load is six classes for seniors and six classes for juniors each semester. Juniors are also required to take and pass one-hour per week seminars in the areas of Life Leisure (Fall), Academic Success (Fall), and College Planning Seminar I (Spring) and an additional seminar in the Spring during the junior year. The maximum number of laboratory courses each semester is three. Students are discouraged from taking eight courses. Students who request an eighth course must have a 4.25 GPA for all prior GSSM work and must have the approval of their parents, advisor, instructor in the course, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.


The last day for adding a course is seven school days after classes have begun. The last day to drop a course without it appearing on the transcript is four weeks. Courses may be dropped until midterm with a notation of withdrew passing (WP) or withdrew failing (WF) on the transcript.

Course Placement

Every effort is made to place juniors in courses that are at the correct level based on their previous academic experience. Occasionally, a student may be misplaced. In such cases, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, in consultation with the subject teacher and faculty advisor, may shift a student to a different level course. The deadlines and recording rules noted above are waived in these unusual circumstances.


Students will be allowed to audit a class, with prior approval of the instructor and consent of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, without receiving a grade or credit, provided there is space available. Specific requirements about completion of homework, projects, tests, etc., are at the discretion of the instructor.