GSSM awards both State of South Carolina and GSSM diplomas. While at GSSM, each student must  be  working  toward  earning  a State of South Carolina diploma and a GSSM diploma.  Students must complete at GSSM a minimum of 5 courses each semester, a January Interim course each year, and the Research and Inquiry Program summer component between Junior and Senior years.  Some students may need to take more than the minimum credits to meet state and/or GSSM graduation requirements. With advisor’s approval, a student may take more than the minimum. 
The table below outlines the minimum number of credits that must be completed for a GSSM diploma and State of South Carolina diploma. Except for the January Interim Requirement, course credits may be completed before enrolling or while at GSSM.
Credits are defined as the following: 0.5 credits for a semester course and 1.0 credits for a year-long course or a two-semester courses class.  If one high school unit is awarded for a semester-long dual enrolled course, GSSM reserves the right to review the curriculum to deem if the material covered meets the GSSM 1.0 credit (i.e. year-long or two-semester course) requirement listed below. 

Science with a Lab (must include 1.0 credit biology, chemistry, physics) 3 credits
Mathematics (must include 1.0 credit of calculus) 4-5 credits
Comp. Science  1 credit
English/Language Arts 4 credits
Foreign Language (in the same language) 2 credit
US History 1 credit
US Government .5 credit
Economics .5 credit
Other Social Studies 1 credit
P.E./ROTC 1 credit
Fine Arts 1 credit
GSSM January Interim Courses 1 credit
Electives 7 credits
TOTAL 24 credits

Additional Graduation Requirements

Subject Area Notes in order to receive a GSSM diploma

Research and Inquiry Program Six-week summer mentored research program is required for the Class of 2020.  This program involves summer research and a fall semester course that culminates with presentations at Colloquium and SCJAS. 

Required for all students to pass.
Junior Seminar Series (one hour per week per seminar) Fall: Life and Leisure and Academic Transition Seminars Spring: College Planning Seminar I and a three-part seminar series.
Required for all Juniors to attend and pass. 
Senior Seminar Series (one hour per week per seminar) Fall: College Planning Seminar II 
Required for all Seniors to attend and pass. 
Community Engagement All students must participate based on outlined expectations