The Governor's School for Science and Mathematics sees community engagement as a way for students to "pay back" the generosity of the state in providing a free education.

Community engagement, whether within the context of the residence hall, faculty/staff assistance, or community service, is emerging as an important requirement of many public and private secondary schools as well as one of the indicators of maturity sought by college admissions.

On any given day, students can be found helping in administrative offices, working at the local animal shelter, tutoring young students in town or snapping photos around campus.

Due to the rigors of the curriculum, students may not hold a regular full-time or part-time paid job while attending GSSM.

Highlights of the Community Engagement Guidelines

For this school year, GSSM has made some adjustments to the Community Engagement graduation requirement. Each student is still required to help maintain the facility and to support the local community through shared responsibilities. These shared responsibilities include bus maintenance, assembly prep and community service projects on and off campus (more details are provided below). The required number of Community Engagement hours for all students will be 50.  Although the required number of hours is 50, you are not limited to only completing 50 hours. The required number of hours does not include the hours of your shared responsibilities and they are required to fulfill your Community Engagement requirement.
Community Engagement Placements: Community Engagement Placements on and off campus are not mandatory and they are limited. They will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. A Community Engagement Fair will be held at the start of the academic year. At the fair, students can receive more information about various Community Engagement opportunities and request placements. 
Each student must participate in at least two community service projects with the Hartsville or Pee Dee Community.
All students will assist with the setting up for major programs/assembly prep at least once during the school year: You will receive various notifications throughout the year to earn your assembly prep credit.
Each student will be expected to assist with at least two campus sponsored programs (e.g. Preview Day, Parents’ Day, Outreach activity, etc.).  
All students will be required to clean and maintain the school vehicles (Buses and Minivans). I will schedule students on a weekly basis to maintain the buses and school minivan. 
Student-initiated Community Engagement projects are welcomed.

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