Reliability is key.

The most important thing to consider when sending a computer to school with your student is reliability and repairability. A computer in excellent working condition and with active warranty coverage is one of the best tools a Govie has.

Are computers required?

No, but nearly all students bring them. While there are computers available in labs for student use, they are only available until 10:30pm and most students report working beyond that time to complete assignments and prepare for tests. Much of GSSM's coursework is assigned and submitted online.

What kind of computer will work best for me?

Laptops let students work outside of their rooms and are very popular among students. Most computers sold in the past two or three years will do everything that GSSM coursework requires. Windows and Apple products work equally well. Students interested in computer science often bring Linux-based computers.

Chromebooks are also a good option, especially for families on a budget.

Do I need to buy Microsoft Office?

No. While enrolled at GSSM, students may install Microsoft Office on up to 5 of their personally owned devices. This software is available for download throughout the school's Outlook website which becomes available to new juniors in August before arriving on campus.

Anti-Virus software

Every laptop and desktop computer must run up-to-date anti-virus software. Here is a recent review of free and inexpensive antivirus solutions.

Where is the WiFi?

Wifi is available indoors and outdoors throughout campus, at the Uptown Campus, and Crema.

Students log into Govienet, which provides full-speed access to school resources and the Internet. Parents and visitors may use GSSM-Guest, which does not require a password and is good for web-browsing, checking email, etc. Directions for connecting to GSSM-Guest, including the current password, are posted in the main lobby.

Are wired network connections available?

Yes. Each room is equipped with up to two wired ethernet outlets. These may be activated on a first-come, first-served basis by contacting an IT support student.

Streaming Sticks, Screenless Devices

Some wifi-powered devices don't have screens. These include devices like Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, printers, etc. Devices like these may be unable to display the school's authorization page when connecting to wifi for the first time and are therefore not compatible with the school's network.

Who can I ask for help?

Several GSSM students are trained and receive community engagement credit for assisting other students. It should come as no surprise that we have more than our share of computer wizards here! GSSM also has technical experts on staff who can help students diagnose problems.

What happens if my computer needs repair while I'm at GSSM?

If a computer is under warranty, we can help arrange the repair by providing a safe place for the repair person to meet your student and complete the repair. For repairs not covered under warranty, we had had good results from a local sales and repair business within walking distance of campus. Otherwise, students and their families must make arrangements for repairs.

When a student's computer is broken, they can use the computer lab to complete assignments. On an as-available basis, the school may offer the temporary use of a Chromebook while a student's computer is being repaired.

GSSM staff are not authorized to perform repairs on student-owned computers.


Some students bring a printer, but it is not required. Student Council sponsors and supports printers in the residence halls, and students often use the computer lab printers for assignments. The school does not charge for paper or toner used in its printers. 

What else should I bring?

  • A network cable (at least 10 feet long) if bringing a desktop computer
  • Warranty documentation, and a copy of the purchase receipt
  • A surge suppressor
  • A USB key
  • Paper and plenty of ink if bringing a printer

What should I not bring?

Wifi routers, including hot spots on phones, reduce the performance of GSSM's wifi and are prohibited.

Here is a list of items best left at home.

  • Very large monitors, or monitors which require wall-mounting hardware
  • Game consoles, especially during the first semester when new juniors are acclimating to a new pace of study
  • Any device that is unreliable, wonky, or prone to fail just as it is needed to complete an assignment
What are the rules for using a computer at GSSM?

The use of computers, smartphones, and related devices that operate on the GSSM network is governed by the GSSM Appropriate Use Policy (AUP).

These are the most important issues associated with bringing a computer to GSSM. If you have other questions, please contact us.