Am I required to bring a computer to school?

No. While most students find having a computer for use in their rooms helpful, there are computers available for student use during specified hours.

What kind of computer will work best for me?

Most computers sold in the past two or three years do everything that GSSM coursework requires. Most students bring Windows computers, but there are also Apple computers and even a few Linux computers working well at GSSM.

Laptop or desktop?

Most people bring what they already have. If you are thinking about a new computer purchase, laptops are easier to get to and from campus during breaks, and if they are equipped with wireless adapters, will work on our wireless network. Desktops are less expensive and less portable. The right choice depends upon your needs and preferences.

What software do I need?

GSSM can provide MS Office to enrolled students on request.  We have editions for Windows and Mac OSX.  If you have a computer without Office, there is no need to purchase it before you arrive.  Once you graduate, you can continue using the software.

If you are a Linux user, you probably already know about products like OpenOffice Suite. It is free and works well on Windows, Apple, and Linux computers.

If your antivirus subscription has expired, consider using Grisoft's AVG product. There are paid and free versions. This package is popular among GSSM students. All computers on the GSSM network are required to have up-to-date and active antivirus software installed.

Who can I ask for help?

Most students find that the best source for help is their peers. It should come as no surprise that we have more than our share of computer wizards here! GSSM also has technical experts on staff who can help you diagnose problems you may have with your computer.

What happens if my computer needs repair while I'm at GSSM?

If your computer is still under warranty, we can help you arrange a repair. We can also refer you to computer repair organizations in town. Otherwise, you will need to make arrangements with your family to have repairs made. Students and their families are responsible for all costs associated with owning and maintaining their computer while at GSSM.

What else should I bring?

  • A network cable (at least 10 feet long)
  • Installation CDs/DVDs for all of your software
  • Warranty documentation
  • A surge suppressor

Some students bring a printer, but this is not required. Students often use the computer lab printers for their assignments.

These are the most important issues associated with bringing a computer to GSSM. If you have other questions, please contact us.