Sent on Behalf of Interim President / Senior Vice President for Residential, Mr. Danny Dorsel:

Dear Families,

The GSSM faculty and staff are eagerly anticipating your student's arrival on campus on Sunday, January 24.
It is our priority to ensure the health and well-being of the GSSM community. Based on the current information available, we are going to adjust our reopening schedule slightly.
Once your student returns to campus on Sunday, January 24, they will not be able to sign out of the residence halls until we receive all test results from our COVID-19 testing day on Tuesday, January 26. We will communicate lifting this adjusted safety precaution as soon as we receive all test results, which we anticipate being on Wednesday, January 27.
It is important to note there will be no food or Walmart runs until the adjusted safety precaution is lifted, so we ask that your student please come to campus prepared. Also, academic field trips will not be scheduled during the first week of residency.
Extra vigilance is needed from every Govie during the first several days of their residency to ensure a healthy and safe reopening. Students who test positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday, January 26, or any other time, and any close contacts that they may have had, must return home for quarantine and treatment. We want them here, so we ask that they please be extra careful once they are here.
I urge your student to fill out the REACH pre-return survey every day. This is a great way to show the community that they are all-in for a great, safe reopening of the residence halls. Once they are back, completing this survey each day will be a requirement to stay on campus. Make sure they can access it and get into the habit now.
If your student's decision to return has changed, please let Dr. Cathy Thomas know by Wednesday, January 20.
On Friday, January 22, we will hold a virtual orientation for all students planning to return to campus on Sunday, January 24. The orientation session will start at 4:00 PM in my Zoom room,

We remain confident that our reopening plan will continue to protect the safety and well-being of the GSSM community. However, it is also important to understand that your student is not returning to a "bubble." As we are a community of learners, we are also a community of people that want to stay healthy and stay together. To do this, we will all need to do our part.
We look forward to your student's arrival on Sunday, January 24.

Mr. Danny Dorsel
Interim President / Senior Vice President for Residential
SC Governor's School for Science + Mathematics