The STEM Formula Podcast Show

Michael Newsome and Nicole Kroeger cohost a down-to-earth straightforward discussion about advanced STEM secondary education.  We seek out expert and informed advice, tips, and guidance leading to academic and STEM-career success.  Our guests include excellent teachers, successful students, experienced parents, and leaders of great high schools and colleges.


S1E5: Teaching Physics through Art and Sports with Dr. Kristin Walker

GSSM physics instructor, Dr. Kristin Walker discusses how to motivate student interest and increase student understanding in physics using real world examples. In her courses like Physics in the Arts and Physics in Sports, Dr. Walker is able to show how theory can explain everyday activities. She also talks about the importance of relating physics to other disciplines.

S1E4: STEM High School Design Trends and Career Path Advice from Architect Alex Lay

Alex Lay, 2003 GSSM graduate and architect at McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture provides insight into the changing design needs of modern STEM high schools. He tells us about his personal career path that brought his STEM background together with his interest in art, leading to a career that is both fun and meaningful.


S1E3.5: Tips for College by Clemson University Student Gracie Dellinger

2020 GSSM graduate and Clemson University Honors College student, Gracie Dellinger talks about what helped her prepare for college and a future of studying infectious disease and parasitology. She gives advice about how to navigate the transition from high school to college.

S1E3: STEM Education with Clemson University College of Science Dean Cynthia Young

Founding Dean of the Clemson University College of Science, Cynthia Young, talks about her university’s mission, its many innovative programs, and where it is headed in the future. Dean Young tells us what she has learned about teaching, and she provides advice on STEM leadership. She also gives advice to high school students planning to study in the STEM disciplines.


S1E2: Teaching Neuroscience and Microbiology with Dr. Bhuvana Parameswaran

GSSM Biology instructor, Dr. Bhuvana Parameswaran shares experiences and advice from her successful career teaching neurobiology and other courses to advanced STEM students. Dr. Parameswaran discusses her approach to classes and labs and stresses the importance of writing in the classroom.


S1E1: STEM Leadership Excellence with GSSM President Danny Dorsel

GSSM President Danny Dorsel provides advice for aspiring STEM leaders. In this episode, President Dorsel discusses what’s new in secondary STEM Education and where it might be headed.