Classes in the STEM Foundations Program will be taught online synchronously via Zoom. Students in this program will take 5 courses each semester together with a seminar series. Each student will take biology, chemistry, English, history, and math in their junior year. Students will take computer science, engineering, English, math, and physics in their senior year. For the lab sciences, GSSM will provide students with materials for labs that are safe to be completed at home.

Daily Schedule

  • Unlike most homeschool programs, students will attend synchronous classes online between 8 am and 5 pm daily.
  • Classes in this program will meet three to four days a week for approximately an hour each.
  • Students will have gaps of free time in their daily class schedule.
  • Seminars meet for one hour weekly.
  • Students will also attend an hour of QUEST (Quality, Uninterrupted, Enforced Study Time) during the school day.
    • QUEST is a time for students to take advantage of breaks in their class schedule to establish strong study skills and work together on classwork. Teachers will hold office hours at set times during the week when students are not in class.

Academic Support

We care about the success of students and work hard to provide academic support. All faculty members teaching in this program hold regular synchronous office hours to provide one-on-one assistance to students. The STEM Foundations Coordinator will also be a point person to help students organize their workload across classes and develop good study habits. Finally, students will have synchronous online access to peer tutors—students who have successfully completed their classes.

State Testing

South Carolina requires all students to take several tests in person. These tests include the PSAT, ACT or SAT, Career Readiness Assessment, and EOCEP tests. These tests are all given during the school day, and no classes will be held on the days of these tests. These tests will either be offered on our campus in Hartsville, SC, or in a central location (e.g., Columbia) for all students.