Students in STEM Foundations will be required to meet all South Carolina diploma requirements. Additionally, students will take 5 courses each semester together with a seminar series while enrolled in the program. In their junior year, students will take biology, chemistry, English, history, and math. Students will take computer science, engineering, English, math, and physics in their senior year.

In addition to the typical semester courses, students will participate in an Interim course each year. All students will participate in a mentored research & inquiry experience during their time in the program.

The core academic classes that students will take are shown below, followed by more information on students' other academic and non-academic expectations.

  1. Junior Year, year-long courses:
    1. Biology: Principles of Biology & Biology Lab (Dual Enrolled or AP)
    2. Chemistry: General Chemistry & Chemistry Lab (Dual Enrolled or AP)
    3. English: English Composition and Rhetoric (Dual Enrolled)
    4. History: Depending on which classes students have already taken, they will take one of the following course sequences:
      1. AP US History
      2. Microeconomics (Dual Enrolled or AP) and US Government & Politics (Dual Enrolled or AP) 
    5. Math: Students will take one of the following courses based on their mathematical background:
      1. Pre-Calculus (Honors)
      2. Calculus I (Dual Enrolled or AP)
  2. Senior Year, year- long courses:
    1. Computer Science: Intro to computer science (Dual Enrolled or AP)
    2. Engineering: Intro to Engineering and Design (Honors)
    3. English: English Literature (Dual Enrolled or AP)
    4. Math: Students will take one of the following based on their math background:
      1. Calculus I (Dual enrolled or AP)
      2. Calculus II (Dual enrolled or AP)
    5. Physics: Algebra-based physics (Dual enrolled or AP)