Dear GSSM Families, 

Recently, we have heard from several families that are planning to have their student vaccinated against COVID-19. We wanted to reach out to answer some questions and share the school's perspective.

If a family elects to take the vaccine, do so while the student is home these next three weeks. GSSM will not be sponsoring a clinic on campus or coordinating transportation to get the vaccine in Hartsville, but we will consider delayed entry for the second residency if you prefer to have your student completely vaccinated before coming or returning to campus. Students will be allowed to return home for the day to receive the second shot based on the terms outlined in the conditions communicated in Dr. Mobley's letter dated February 26, 2021 as noted below:

If students are participating in same day activities (e.g., scholarship interviews or competitions) or appointments (e.g. medical) that do not require an overnight stay, the parent is responsible for transportation and must commit to observing the safety protocols outlined in this letter during the time they are with the student if the student plans to return to campus that same day. Students may not drive themselves. 

It is preferable that students get the second shot where they received the first in their home communities and while in your care due to possible side effects. With a demonstrated record of the vaccine, we will do our best to assist students in managing any minor effects of the shot for 48 hours. If symptoms persist, they may be required to return home to your care until they are feeling better. Also, please provide the proper documentation to Health Services of vaccination when returning to GSSM. 

Please contact me at if you have questions. Stay safe and be well!

Patti Greene, RN
Lead Nurse and Coordinator of Health Services
SC Governor's School for Science + Mathematics