Subscribing is a quick and easy way to keep up with events at GSSM!

When you subscribe to our calendars, new events will automatically populate on your personal calendar as we add them to the main calendar. We’ve provided instructions below to help you set up your subscriptions.

Step One:

Find the calendar you want to subscribe to below and copy the red link. You can subscribe to multiple calendars, but you’ll have to add them to your email program one at a time.

Step Two:

Choose your email client from the list below and follow the directions for adding a subscription. Please note these instructions are based on desktop versions of the email platforms; mobile requirements may differ.


In your Outlook Calendar, choose “Open Calendar” and “From Internet.”

On the toolbar, select Add calendar > From internet.

Paste the link into the box that pops up.

Confirm calendar by clicking “Yes.”

Your calendar has been added. New events will appear on your calendar as they are added. 


Click the gear icon at the top of the page to access your Settings Menu and choose “Settings.”

Select “Add Calendar” and “From URL.”

Paste URL into field and click “Add Calendar.”

Your calendar has been added. New events will appear on your calendar as they are added. 

iCloud (Mac Mail)

Choose File > New Calendar Subscription.

Paste the calendar’s URL, then click Subscribe.

Enter a name for the calendar in the Name field, then click the adjacent pop-up menu and choose a color.

Click the Location pop-up menu, then choose an account for the subscription.

If you choose your iCloud account, the calendar is available on all your computers and devices that are set up with iCloud.

If you choose On My Mac, the calendar is saved on your computer.

To get the calendar’s event attachments or alerts, deselect the appropriate Remove checkboxes.

Click the Auto-refresh pop-up menu, then choose how often to update the calendar.

To prevent alerts from appearing for this calendar, select “Ignore alerts.”

Click OK.

To make changes later, click the name of the calendar, then choose Edit > Get Info.


In Yahoo Mail, click the Calendar icon.

On the left, mouse over "Others" | Click the Manage Followed Calendars icon.

Select Follow Other Calendars and paste the URL.

Select a color for the calendar.

Click Save or Continue.