Adaya Sturkey

Adaya Sturkey

Class of 2014


  • Hampton University, majoring in biology, minor in chemistry

Since Adaya Sturkey graduated from GSSM in 2014, she’s gone on to attend Hampton University, win a prestigious scholarship and start her own non-profit organization!

While at GSSM, Adaya learned how to value her strengths and target her weaknesses. Now, Adaya, a Marion, South Carolina, native, is a sophomore at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia, where she is majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry.

After graduation from GSSM, Adaya helped start Flourish Mentoring Program, a non-profit organization preparing young girls for college and the work force, as well as instilling in them the tools necessary to embrace womanhood, with fellow GSSM graduate Laura Campbell, class of 2013.

Flourish became a way for Adaya and Laura to give back to their community and provide young girls with opportunities they were afforded growing up. At some point, they hope to expand the organization to other states and countries, encouraging girls everywhere to embrace their “flourish!” 

Earlier this year, Adaya was awarded the 2016 Luard Morse scholarship which provides $25,000 toward one semester of study at any university in the United Kingdom during the 2016-2017 academic year. Adaya plans on attending the University of Oxford in Spring 2017.

After completing her undergraduate degree at Hampton, she plans on enrolling in a dual MD/PhD program. She will pursue a medical degree specializing in nephrology and a PhD program in clinical and translational medicine. Her ultimate goal is to conduct research on the correlations between chronic kidney disease and African American health disparities.

Adaya’s advice to current and future Govies?

“Enjoy the moment! Although the stress level is high and there will be more times you want to give up than you can count, this is an experience that is so unique and so needed that you will continue to appreciate it.”