Angela Ellis

Angela Ellis

Class of 1991

Veterinary Pathologist

  • Mount Holyoke College, Furman University: Bachelor’s degree in psychology
  • University of Georgia: DMV (Doctorate in veterinary medicine)
  • University of Georgia: PhD in veterinary pathology
By day, Angela Ellis, GSSM Class of 1991, is an anatomic pathologist for ANTECH Diagnostics in NYC, but after work, Angela says she is among only a few practicing veterinary pathologist trapeze artists!

After Angela graduated from GSSM in 1991, she went on to attend Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, and later transferred to Furman University. Working in a lab and writing her own undergraduate research paper, Angela discovered that she was light years ahead of her peers who didn’t have a GSSM education.​

“My biggest takeaway from GSSM was definitely the science classes where we got to do hands-on work in labs. When I went to college, I felt like I was ahead of people who hadn’t had that hands-on experience.”

In 1996, Ellis graduated from Furman University with a degree in psychology. Her passion for behavioral psychology and neuropsychology drew her toward the study of animal behavior and, in turn, veterinary school.

Angela attended University of Georgia (UGA) for her DVM and completed her residency there. Initially, she wanted to focus her career on wildlife, but Angela eventually chose veterinary pathology as her specialty. She earned her PhD in veterinary pathology from UGA. She was hired at the Athens diagnostics lab, which is part of UGA, and remained there until March 2015, when she moved to New York City to join ANTECH Diagnostics as an anatomic pathologist.

During her time at the UGA, in the “fun and quirky” town of Athens, Ellis attended an art show where she saw trapeze artists performing. Instantly, she was fascinated. After the show ended, she joined their trapeze studio only a few blocks from the show.

Since then, she spends some of her free time practicing trapeze and, when she lived in Georgia, even performed twice a year. She says it’s a great workout and relieves stress as well as being a hobby that keeps her active.

Angela’s advice to current and future Govies? “Keep your options open!”