Jason Hong, PhD

Jason Hong, PhD

Class of 1993

Professor of Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University; Co-founder of Wombat Security Technologies

  • Georgia Institute of Technology: BS in Computer Science, BS in Discrete Mathematics
  • University of California at Berkley: PhD in Computer Science

As co-founder of his own technology security company, Jason's work is influencing privacy norms for personal devices. 

What was your career path to get you here?

"I went straight from PhD to a faculty position. Computer science is pretty unusual in that people aren't expected to do a lot of postdocs, unlike most other fields of science."

What’s your next step?

"In the near future, our smart devices will know pretty much everything about us. How can we build new kinds of compelling apps and services? More importantly, how can we offer meaningful forms of privacy and security to people?
My research focuses on these two questions, looking at ways to influence how industry and policy makers think about and act in this space."