Dear Friends,

This fiscal year, as we celebrated GSSM’s 30th anniversary, the GSSM Foundation marked three decades of supporting the best high school in South Carolina.

As a public institution, GSSM is largely funded by the State of South Carolina. However, there are many needs that the state budget does not supply, and that is where we come in. The GSSM Foundation provides funds and support to enhance GSSM’s programs and its students’ educational endeavors. We advocate for GSSM, connect it with a broad community, and showcase its contributions to quality of life and economic prosperity of South Carolina and beyond. Together, GSSM and the GSSM Foundation are a strong public-private partnership that benefits the entire Palmetto State.

In the course of the GSSM Foundation’s 30-year history, we have raised tens of millions of dollars to support and sustain GSSM. We established and continue to grow an endowment that provides need-based financial aid for students, supplements the summer research experience, and augments GSSM’s outreach efforts. We raised private funding to launch new initiatives at GSSM, such as the Accelerate virtual engineering program, that are now part of the annual state-funded budget. We built partnerships with some of the largest corporations in South Carolina, many of whom now employ GSSM graduates, welcome GSSM summer research interns, host student tours, or serve on the board of GSSM or the GSSM Foundation.

Thank you for three decades of making GSSM and the GSSM Foundation the best we can be. We could not do all that we do for students without you.

The GSSM Foundation

Download the Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2018-2019