Career Services CenterAs a benefit to our Business Leadership Network (BLN) members and to address the mission of positively impacting the economic development of our state through the cultivation of our current students and alumni, we’ve developed Career Services: SmartJobs & SmartInternships. Through this program, we’re actively connecting our BLN members’ open jobs and internships with our alumni seeking placement.

Highlights of GSSM’S Career Services Program

  • Regularly updated job and internship posting(s) on the GSSM website, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Monthly GSSM Career Services communication sent directly to our graduates
  • SMARTgatherings: regularly scheduled regional networking events
         - A forum for idea sharing with other BLN members, supporters and alumni
         - BLN members connect and network with GSSM alumni and other supporters
         - Collect contact information and resumes from prospective applicants

“I have decided to accept the job with Bridgewater, so I’ll be up north this fall. If there’s anything I can do to help other alumni with jobs and internships, please let me know! So far the foundation has been a great resource and help to me, so I’d enjoy the chance to return the favor.”

Mac Rogers | Class of 2010 


Tripp Floyd '01, Ethox Chemicals, chemist
Erik Bardauskas '11, Atlas Copco Compressors, mechanical engineering internship
Preston Frazier '11, Intel, Undergrad SVE Analog Validation Internship
Emily Hattaway '14, Greenville Health System, biomedical research internship program partnership with GSSM
Rusty Hawes '14, Greenville Health System, biomedical research internship program partnership with GSSM
Aaron McGinnis '13, DuPont, internship
Mac Rogers '10, Bridgewater Associates (Westport, CT), internship and subsequent job placement as a financial engineer
Andrew Svenson '10, SCANA, Infrastructure Analyst

The sooner we connect our alumni to the businesses, organizations and individuals who support GSSM, the faster we positively impact South Carolina’s economy.

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