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Additional information about Accelerate and TEAM UP administrators, faculty, and staff can be found below the following chart.

Accelerate and TEAM UP Administration

Dr. Ershela Sims, Senior Vice President for Virtual & Outreach, Vice President for Accelerate Engineering (Profile)
Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
B.S.E., Biomedical Engineering, Duke University
(843) 383-1909

Dr. Zaria O’Bryant, Director of TEAM UP (Profile)
Ph.D., Educational Technology, Walden University
M.A.T., Special Education, University of South Carolina
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Clemson University
(843) 495-2483

Dr. Gary Gabel, Director of Elementary Programs (Profile)
Ed.D., University of Missouri
M.Ed., Georgia State University
L5 Leadership Add-on, University of Georgia
B.S.Ed., Georgia State University
(843) 309-4766

Accelerate Faculty  

Dr. Samuel Benavides, Accelerate Mechanical and Aersopace Engineering Instructor (Profile)
Dr. Tyler Brannan, Accelerate Mathematics Instructor (Profile)
Ph.D., M.S., Mathematics, Louisiana State University
B.S., Mathematics and Mathematics Education, North Carolina State University
Dr. Antonino Carnevali, Accelerate Physics Instructor (Profile)
Ph.D., Physics, University of Tennessee
B.A., Physics and Mathematics, Hunter College
Dr. Jennifer Crawford, Accelerate Chemistry Instructor (Profile)
Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, Texas Tech
M.Ed., Teaching, Emporia State University
B.S., Chemistry, Lubbock Christian University
Dr. Kathryn de Ridder-Vignone, Accelerate English Instructor (Profile)
Ph.D., M.A., Cornell University
Baccalaureus Artium et Scientiae, University of South Carolina
Mrs. Laura Dostert, Accelerate Math Instructor and Chair of Virtual Education (Profile)
M.S., B.S., Mathematics, Texas A&M University
(843) 383-3901 Ext. 4029
Dr. Paul Dostert, Accelerate Computer Science Instructor (Profile)
Ph.D., M.S., Texas A&M University
B.S., James Madison University
Dr. Letitia Hubbard, Accelerate Biomedical Engineering Instructor (Profile)
Ms. Rana O'Bryant, Accelerate Pre-Engineering Instructor (Profile)
M.S., Project Management, George Washington University
M.B.A., Nova Southeastern University
B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Tennessee
Dr. Beth Steedley, Accelerate English Instructor (Profile)
Ph.D., M.A., English, Johns Hopkins University
B.A., English and French, Vanderbilt University

TEAM UP Faculty

Dr. Kari Copeland, TEAM UP Chemistry Instructor (Profile)
Ph.D., M.S., B.S., Biochemistry, University of Mississippi
Dr. Dedra Eatmon, TEAM UP Engineering Instructor (Profile)
Ms. Donita Robinson, TEAM UP Math Instructor (Profile)
Mrs. Staci Weeks, TEAM UP Math Instructor (Profile)
M.T., Secondary Education, University of South Carolina
B.S., Mathematics, University of South Carolina

Accelerate and TEAM UP Staff

Mrs. Lisa Bateman, Student Services Coordinator (Profile)
B.A., Business Administration, Saint Leo University
(843) 383-3901 Ext. 3982
(843) 383-3950 fax

Mrs. Patty Long, Accelerate Technology Manager (Profile)
M.A. Ed., Educational Media, Western Carolina University
B.A., English, Columbia College    
(843) 383-3901 Ext. 3990

Mrs. Barbara Urban, Accelerate Program Assistant (Profile)
M.S., Education/Instructional Technology, Western Connecticut State University
B.S., Elementary Education/Mathematics, Western Connecticut State University
(843) 383-3901 Ext. 3925