Becky Askins, Vice President of Sales and Operations, Integrated Systems Inc.

David S. Hall, Nuclear Online Maintenance Manager, Duke Energy

Mike Deller, Senior Vice President Engineering and Planning, Comporium

Dr. Kevin Kinzie, Renewables Chief Engineer of Aerodynamics and Acoustics, GE Renewable Energy

Berry Foster, Engineering General Manager for Robinson Nuclear Plant, Duke Energy

Lee Stogner, Region 3 Director, IEEE

Sandra DeVoe Bland (VOAB Secretary), QA Programs & Process Management Manager, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC

Tyrone V. Lynn, President, Banneker Engineering

Ashley Forte, P.E., Project Engineering Supervisor, Dominion Energy SC

Elizabeth Plante, Staff Engineer, Honda of South Carolina Manufacturing, Inc.

Dr. Ershela L. Sims, Executive Director, WEPAN

Dr. Lee Tupper, Transportation Engineer, HDR

Martha Bode, HR Director, Dominion Energy

Randy La Cross (Program Director), Sr. Vice President for Virtual and Outreach, SCGSSM

Dr. Zaria O'Bryant, Director of Virtual Programs, SCGSSM