The South Carolina Governor's School for Science & Mathematics is a high school for academically motivated juniors and seniors pursuing studies in science, technology, engineering and math—one of only 16 specialized, residential high schools in the nation.

Challenge Yourself

Many smart students feel that high school is "too easy;" that it doesn't challenge them intellectually or let them study the things they want to learn.

GSSM is different. 

With 50+ STEM classes and opportunities to study everything from robotics to biochemistry, GSSM lets smart students devote themselves to their interests and prepare for bright futures. Our rigorous curriculum guarantees that students are ready for the advanced course work required in college, and later, GSSM grads find they are well-positioned to succeed in a competitive, high-tech job market.

GSSM At-A-Glance

  • One of the top STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) high schools in the country
  • College-level and graduate-level learning opportunities that align with your intellectual capabilities
  • Advance through subjects faster and cover more ground
  • All the resources you’d expect at a traditional high school, plus additional benefits like personal college admissions counselors
  • 10:1 student-teacher ratio and world-class faculty

The Residential Experience

All GSSM students in the residential program live on-campus in Hartsville, SC. Although some students may be nervous about leaving home for the first time, the great majority of our students make friends and feel "at home" here pretty quickly. After all, on the first day of school, every other student is in the same boat as you!  Residence Life

Outside the Classroom
Residential students enjoy varsity sports, intramural games, open art studio, musical groups and competitive teams. We take day trips and sponsor spirit weeks. We have an annual talent show and a local coffee shop. Most importantly, our students have thriving social lives and enjoy hanging out with their friends, just like at any other high school.  Campus Life

The Virtual Experience

GSSM has had exponential growth over the past few years—so much that we've expanded our online learning programs to extend GSSM to students throughout the state. Now, many students can earn college credits toward STEM degrees at their home high schools through our Accelerate virtual engineering program. Virtual Programs