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Residential High School

GSSM’s two-year, early college experience is tuition-free and provides top-performing high school juniors and seniors with the state's deepest and most challenging courses in STEM and the humanities taught by experts with a passion to bring out your best. 

About GSSM Residential

Dual Enrollment Engineering Program (Accelerate)

GSSM's Dual Enrollment Engineering Program, Accelerate, provides an exceptional opportunity to get a head start on your engineering career. Using real-time and online courses delivered to participating high schools, Accelerate graduates earn up to 50 college credits in engineering, math, chemistry, physics, and English.

About Accelerate

"I had the misconception coming here that I'd have to sacrifice learning in the other fields to pursue STEM, but that wasn't the case. I didn't lose anything. I just gained new opportunities."

Patricio Ortiz | Class of 2020

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