IDEA Initiative

Students to develop their own unique academic experiences in IDEA.

Got a Big IDEA?

Follow that dream now.

The IDEA initiative (Individually Developed Exploration and Advancement) is an opportunity to follow your passion and develop a unique academic experience while at GSSM. 

You'll work with your IDEA committee to develop something that is exciting for you, worthwhile, and fits your schedule. It might serve as a STEM elective, replace another course, or replace your summer mentored research project. Whatever you do, it'll be your idea and your efforts that bring it to life.

When Can You Pursue Your IDEA?

An IDEA can be completed during the normal academic school year (August-May). If you want to work on your IDEA in place of mentored summer research, you'll need to get started early so talk with your advisor for more information. 

What kinds of ideas are IDEAs?

Any IDEAs will be considered. To help stimulate thought about IDEAs, students could consider competing in the Intel and Siemens competitions, developing and starting a non-profit, publishing a book, developing mobile apps, participating in a university summer program such as the ones at MIT, or connecting with GSSM alumni in their area of expertise.