Townes Award


Celebrating SCience and SCbio, the champion of South Carolina's life science industry.


GSSM is proud to announce SCbio as the 2024 recipient of the school's prestigious Townes Award. SCbio is receiving the Townes Award in recognition of their achievements in building a leading-edge life sciences industry in South Carolina that creates high quality STEM jobs and improves the health, well being, and upward mobility of people in South Carolina and around the world. 


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Since 1993, the Governor's School for Science & Mathematics has presented the Townes Award to honor individuals, businesses, or institutions that have transformed South Carolina and the world. Past winners have hailed from academic, business and political sectors. Dr. Charles H. Townes (1915-2015) was a native South Carolinian, Furman graduate and Nobel Laureate in physics. In 1964, Dr. Townes received the Nobel Prize for his pioneering research in quantum electronics leading to the invention of the laser. This breakthrough transformed not only science, but also our everyday lives. The laser now is a ubiquitous part of the modern landscape, including in surgery, fiber optic communication, and laser printers.

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