GoSciTech - Day Course Descriptions

3D Animation

Have you ever wondered how computers bring animations to life? Have you ever wanted to create your own super-powered character? Join us to create a digital superhero sidekick and explore the world of 3D animation using Blender software as you bring your character to life. Using augmented reality, you and your classmates will transport your characters into the real-world, creating a new league of sidekicks ready to take action!


How can we make a better future by studying STEM? For one week, you’ll be an engineer challenged with designing a livable structure and the various systems necessary to support comfortable living in that structure. We will investigate the disciplines of materials science as well as civil, environmental, and mechanical engineering as we explore the future of sustainable living and design.

Game Design

Do you enjoy playing video games? Have you ever thought about making your own? How do game designers take their ideas and make them playable for you and your friends? Join us as we explore the world of game design using the PICO-8 fantasy console! You will write code and build custom sprites, sounds, and objects as you develop and remix classic video games. Then put those new skills to work by creating your own game from scratch, collaborating with your peers, and competing in game design challenges. No previous coding experience is required—just bring a desire to learn and a passion for digital gaming!

Human Biology

Just how does the human body work? What biological and chemical processes allow us to move and do everything we do in a day? Together, we will study the journey of oxygen and calcium molecules as they pass through the body. You will conduct dissections of animal organs and work with your classmates to model different systems in the human body. Join us and explore the human body through hands-on science!